The Canary Islands with the fleet in Funchal


Mount Teide and National park at Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain Mount Tiede, Tenerife, Canary Islands

Departed 30 Oct 2023


15 nights


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The converging of the Fred. Olsen fleet in Funchal is set to be the undoubted highlight on this island-hopping adventure, with a memorable day of celebrations planned for guests and crews. Visiting four Canary Islands presents chances to enjoy an array of experiences. You could opt to explore Mount Teide in Tenerife; discover the volcanic peaks and dense forests of La Palma; relax on the golden dunes of Maspalomas Beach in Gran Canaria; and savour the verdant vistas of La Gomera, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Uncovering the Olsen family’s links to these islands makes for an insightful experience too, be it at the Hotel Jardin Tecina or the mystical Pyramids of Güímar.

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The Fleet in Funchal Event

This sailing will be part of our very special 2023 fleet reunion in Funchal!

On Thursday 9th November 2023 all three Fred. Olsen ships; Bolette, Borealis and Balmoral will sail into Funchal and dock together ready for a day packed full of Fred. Olsen celebrations. Throughout the day, guests will have the opportunity to step on board each ship to explore, meet our crew and celebrate with fellow travellers. Both on board and ashore, there will be a vibrant carnival atmosphere with prizes, treasure hunts, live music, a tug of war, and the day will end perfectly with an unforgettable fleet sail away party - into the sunset! 
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Caldera de Taburiente National Park, La Palma

Volcanic Landscapes

This cruise aboard Balmoral will offer guests the chance to visit all of the volcanic islands of the Canaries, and Madeira too. In Tenerife, enjoy a cable car ride to the summit of Mount Teide, where the views over the rugged terrain show not only the crater of the island, but others in the archipelago too. La Palma is home to Caldera de Taburiente National Park – a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, where the volcanic crater is nestled within dense Canarian pine wood trees and criss-crossed by deep ravines. Pináculo Belvedere, located on the garden island of Madeira, stands at around 283 metres above sea level. This belvedere offers wonderful views over Funchal, with Cabo Girao in the distance. You’ll be joined on board by geologists Cally Oldershaw and Ben Church, who will talk in detail about the volcanic islands of the Canaries.

Mojo Picon sauce, typical canarian dish

The Canarian Way of Life

Learn more about the Canarian way of life and experience how islanders live in these volcanic lands. As part of our Signature Experiences, take a tour to see how the famous spicy red pepper Mojo Picón sauce is made using local ingredients and processes, and enjoy preparing and tasting it yourself. The unique whistling language known as Silbo Gomero is used in La Gomera, and was historically used by locals to communicate across the deep ravines and valleys all over the island. Take the time to visit a local community where they’ll explain its history and will demonstrate this fascinating protected whistled conversation – which has become compulsory in La Gomera’s schools, so it can be preserved for the future.

Banana cultivation in Tenerife, traditional farming, green small bananas

Trade and Produce

Balmoral will take guests to parts of the Canaries to learn more about Fred. Olsen’s links to Tenerife, and trading over the years. In Tenerife, visit the island’s oldest banana plantation and discover how it was transformed into being the first plantation in the area to produce bananas entirely ecologically; and you’ll also have the chance to taste the organic fruit. In La Gomera, the beautiful gardens and hotel at Le Jardin Tecina are owned by the Olsen family – home to a thriving variety of tropical flowers and plants from all over the world, such as Vietnam and Japan – which sit happily alongside several species of native flora. Fred. Olsen is the largest employer on the island, and set up the fast ferry service to connect all the Canary Islands. You’ll be joined on this cruise by Clive Harvey, a maritime speaker with vast knowledge on the history of Fred. Olsen; as you'll have the pleasure of seeing both Bolette and Borealis in Funchal when you're there too.


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Introducing Balmoral

Beautiful Balmoral is small enough to navigate some of Europe’s most picturesque waterways so guests can enjoy hours of scenic cruising. Balmoral retains a warm, civilised atmosphere and features comfortable accommodation, stylish restaurants and plenty of open deck space.

Fred. Olsen ship Balmoral sailing at dawn


Beautiful Balmoral is small enough to navigate Europe’s most picturesque waterways so guests can enjoy hours of scenic cruising. Balmoral offers a warm, civilised atmosphere and features comfortable accommodation, stylish restaurants and plenty of open-deck space.

710 cabins
1,325 guests
551 crew
43,537 GT
16kts max speed
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