The Canary Islands with Madeira

Departed 18th Apr 2019 13 nights Sails from Southampton Braemar M1909
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Get set for a quintessentially Canarian experience on this enticing 13-night cruise, as Braemar guides you to beautiful islands offering wonderfully unspoilt landscapes, glorious sun-kissed beaches and cultural delights. Combine these with the highlights of Madeira, La Coruña and Lisbon too and you’re in for a wonderfully diverse springtime escape.

The trio of breathtaking Canary Islands on your itinerary are all uniquely impressive; each of these destinations boast a smorgasbord of attractions. La Palma, nicknamed the ‘Pretty Island’, is an UNESCO-listed wonderland of stunning, varied landscapes that beg to be explored. From Santa Cruz de La Palma you can go in search of volcanic wonders such as the Teneguia Volcano on tour to San Antonio Volcanic Park; and uncover ‘enchanted’ laurel forests. Tenerife’s highlights await you during a call into Santa Cruz de Tenerife. You could delve into the mysteries of the Pyramids of Güímar and marvel at the magnificent Mount Teide volcano – Spain’s highest peak. Alternatively, opt to stay in Santa Cruz for tapas bars, enlightening museums and elegant parks. For a change of pace, your Canarian adventure ends with a short stop at Gran Tarajal, affording you an opportunity to relax and sunbathe on your pick of Fuerteventura’s inviting beaches. [ReadMore]

In addition to your memorable three days in the Canaries, you’ll also enjoy a day in Madeira to immerse yourself in the floral and fragrant delights of the ‘Garden Island’, which bursts into life in the spring. Funchal is your gateway the Madeira’s enchanting botanical gardens, including the resplendent Monte Palace Tropical Garden; the levada walking trails, showcasing spellbinding landscapes; and Cabo Girão – the world’s second highest sea cliff – which offers incredible Atlantic Ocean views. Stay in Funchal and you could visit Reid’s Hotel for an opulent afternoon tea, too. If all that wasn’t enough, Braemar will also bring you closer to two rewarding mainland cities. In Spain, a stop at La Coruña offers you the chance to tour to the spectacular, UNESCO-listed Santiago de Compostela cathedral; while in Portugal, a day in Lisbon can be spent admiring the architectural treasures of the capital, such as Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery.