Spanish Cities with Gibraltar & Madeira

Departed 7th Oct 2021 11 nights Sails from Liverpool Borealis S2123
Santiago Church and pavement cafe in Cathedral Square, Cadiz Santiago Church and pavement cafe in Cathedral Square, Cadiz

Visiting four captivating destinations on board Borealis offers opportunities for an immersive, enriching discovery of Spanish culture and traditions. On Spain’s sunlit south coast, the historic and aesthetic of a sparkling Andalusian gem are sure to delight; majestic monuments – such as the Torre Tavira watchtower and the 18th century cathedral – await in ancient Cádiz. For taste of authentic local flavours, there is time to sample delicious tapas in Cádiz or tour to Jerez, a city renowned for its sweet sherry. There’s also a visit to Gibraltar, to experience the unique mix of Spanish and English influenced culture and for a chance to climb to the top of the iconic ‘rock’ for grandstand ocean views. 

In the verdant Galicia region of Spain, enjoy a call at La Coruna, a city renowned for its impressive landmarks and historic sites; the Baroque-style Cornide Palace and ancient Torre de Hercules are among the unmissable attractions. Further afield, you could head to Santiago de Compostela – one of Christendom’s three global spiritual capitals – on a tour to marvel at the at the city’s simply spectacular cathedral. In addition to the mainland city discoveries, you get to experience the beauty of Portugal’s ‘garden island’ too; you’ve a full day on Madeira to explore beautiful walking trails and botanical gardens, ride Funchal’s famous cable car and watch as people ride toboggans down the capital’s hills, and sample famous Madeiran wine perhaps. 

Your Itinerary

  • Immerse yourself in Spain’s quintessential culture and local traditions.  
  • Revel in ancient history, tapas and sherry in Cádiz; and see the impressive landmarks of La Coruna. 
  • Experience the mix of cultural influences in Gibraltar, and the beauty of Madeira, too. 
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