Natural Wonders of Iceland


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Strokkur geyser, Iceland Beautiful Oxararfoss waterfall in summer, Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

31 Aug 2023


9 nights


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The Olsen Way Highlights

Some of Iceland’s greatest natural wonders are within reach of the destinations on this cruise. The Strokkur geyser showcases the country’s powerful geothermal activity, while a collection of impressive waterfalls are great examples of how Mother Nature has shaped these lands. Akureyri is well-placed for going in search of whales in their natural habitat, while in Isafjörður and Seyðisfjörður you can discover life in the more remote areas of Iceland. Borealis will also cruise past the Borgarfjörður Eystri – home to elves, according to local folklore.

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The Natural Wonders of Iceland

Iceland is a volcanic land powered by geothermal activity, which is showcased by the impressive Strokkur geyser, spurting boiling water some 30 metres into the air every few moments. It erupted frequently during the 19th century, until a huge earthquake blocked its water channels; so in 1963 locals cleared the channels and it began to erupt once more – and to this day - at a rate of around 37 miles per hour. Strokkur also features as one of the attractions on the not-to-be-missed Golden Circle tour, along with Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss Waterfall

Godafoss waterfall, Iceland

Astonishing waterfalls

Iceland is well known for its abundance of waterfalls, where it is said there are close to 10,000, created from the glaciers and mountains surrounding its lands. Some of the most well-known include the horseshoe-shaped Godafoss, with multiple streams of water flowing into the river below; the quite simply breath-taking Gullfoss, which translates as Golden Falls, and is part of the Golden Circle tour; and the most powerful waterfall in Iceland – Dettifoss, renowned for its sheer force and raw beauty.

Borgarsfjordur eystri, Iceland

Folkloric tales of elves

On this cruise, Borealis will cruise by Borgarsfjordur eystri, where the ‘hidden people’ are said to live in the rocks surrounding the quiet village of Bakkagerði, and are revered by many of the local residents. Famous in Icelandic folklore, the neighbouring large rocky hill called Álfaborg is known as the ‘City of Elves’, while the fjord itself derives its name from being the home of the Icelandic Elf Queen, Borghildur. The country’s landscapes make it easy to believe the elves are real, as the jagged green mountains seem to move in and out of the mist, adding to their mystery.



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Sister-ship to Bolette, Borealis is perfectly suited for enjoying scenic cruising of the world's lesser-known waterways. From cruising past remarkable landscapes and historical sites to capturing the beauty of the natural world. 

Borealis at sea at sunset
Borealis at sea at sunset


Sister-ship to Bolette, Borealis is perfectly suited for taking guests on a journey around the globe, enabling more exploration in more exciting ports. Her smaller size, spacious public areas, open deck spaces and impressive array of restaurants make her perfect for longer voyages, and shorter journeys alike.

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