In Search of the Northern Lights

Departed 11th Feb 2022 16 nights Sails from Liverpool Borealis S2204A
Traditional Sami reindeer-skin tents, The northern lights in Norway, Tromso Traditional Sami reindeer-skin tents, The northern lights in Norway, Tromso

Itinerary Change Notice: Please be advised that the call into Hammerfest, Norway scheduled for 21st February has been replaced with a call into Bodo, Norway.

This visit to the remote, dramatic lands of Norwegian Arctic presents an unmissable opportunity to experience the region’s scenic beauty, its natural wonders and phenomena, and what life is like living amongst the wilderness. Going in search of Aurora Borealis will be something to remember forever; Northern Norway is one of the greatest places on earth to see the Northern Lights, and spending almost a week within the Arctic Circle, often away from unpolluted skies, gives you the best chance to experience them. With luck on your side, during your visits to Tromso, Alta and Hammerfest, you may be fortunate enough to witness Mother Nature’s remarkable light show illuminate the clear night sky with dancing ribbons of colour. [ReadMore]

Aside from seeking out the Aurora, there are an abundance of other Arctic highlights to explore, discover and experience too. From both Tromso and Alta you can venture off into the wilderness to meet, spend time with, and sample the lifestyle of indigenous Sami communities. Take in the sights of Tromso, from the iceberg-shaped Arctic Cathedral to the scenic views from atop Mount Storsteinen, too and perhaps see the UNESCO-listed rock carvings of Hjemmeluft at Alta’s fascinating museum. You’ll also get to wonder at the rugged landscapes surrounding Narvik, and cross the Arctic Circle at sunset. Elsewhere in Norway, south of the Arctic Circle, your journey also takes you to Ålesund, where you could take in the town’s collection of art-nouveau towers and turrets, steeples and spires, or climb Mount Aksla for unspoilt views of surrounding islands and islets; and to charming Trondheim, a city with Viking heritage found deep in its foundations.