Cities & Islands of Sweden, Estonia & Latvia

Departed 16th Jul 2022 13 nights Sails from Rosyth (Edinburgh) Balmoral L2219A
Panoramic aerial view of Riga with Riga Cathedral and Vansu Bridge,  Riga, Latvia Panoramic aerial view of Riga with Riga Cathedral and Vansu Bridge,  Riga, Latvia

Itinerary Change Notice: please see updated itinerary for full details.

Experience an insight into the diverse culture and unique history of fascinating European countries, as you uncover some of their most important cities and famous sites. At the heart of this itinerary is a visit to Sweden, an undoubted highlight; you'll get to experience scenic cruising between the craggy islands and islets of the sprawling Stockholm Archipelago, and discover the sights of Stockholm. See the Swedish capital’s number of historic and architectural highlights, such as the Royal Palace; visit the many museums; and perhaps take a boat trip on the picturesque canals. There’s also a visit to the beautiful island of Gotland for a glimpse into Sweden’s Hanseatic heritage in historic Visby. [ReadMore]

There are memorable discoveries throughout this journey though; you’ll also get to take in the historical and cultural treasures of destinations in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania too. Explore Tallinn – the picturesque Estonian capital – to discover its highlights such as the UNESCO-listed Old Town, where medieval castles, cathedrals and churches await. On a tour you could visit Tallinn’s Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, learn of its history and even the bells in its iconic bell tower. You stop at the Latvian capital too, with time to visit the Museum of Occupations, for an insight into what life was like in Riga during some of its most infamous years; take in the city's interesting Aviation Museum; and more. Meanwhile, the military town of Karosta is yours to explore during your visit to Liepaja in Latvia too. There are plenty of unique historical sites to discover on the remote Estonian island of Saaremaa, which is also home to centuries-old monuments and landmarks such as the 14th century-built Kuressaare Castle, and in Klaipėda – Lithuania’s third-largest city – including Plokštinė missile base.