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Exploring the Coastal Gems of the Adriatic


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Kotor Bay, Montenegro Dubrovnik old town in Croatia

27 Sep 2023


17 nights


The cruise at a glance

The Olsen Way Highlights

On this cruise from Dubrovnik, Bolette will head off the beaten track into the fjord-like Bay of Kotor, where guests will have the chance to visit Lake Bled, the Neretva river delta, and the tumbling waterfalls of Krka National Park. In Croatia, explore Zadar’s Old Town, Diocletian’s Palace in Split and Trsat Castle in Rijeka. A visit to Venice, from Fusina, is a real highlight of this cruise as you explore the 'City of Canals'. The Balkan region was at the centre of where different civilsations collided, so guests will be able to delve into the history of the Venetians and the Roman and Ottoman Empires.

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Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Spectacular scenery

Sailing along the fjord-like Bay of Kotor on board Bolette is the perfect way to experience the surrounding scenery of the Dalmatian Coast. Green mountains provide a magnificent backdrop against the deep blue of the Bay, and orange-roofed villages dotted along its coastline, making it the definition of a picture-postcard. Guests may choose to visit Lake Bled, famous for its exquisite blue-green waters, where a medieval castle sits some 100m above the lake, offering magnificent views. The cascading terrace waterfalls in Krka National Park are framed by lush green landscape, and not to be missed - you'll be joined on this cruise by Physicist Glenn Patrick, who will hold talks about the waterfalls and the different species of plants and wildlife here. The Neretva River delta, from Neum, has narrow passages known only to locals, and is home to many exotic bird species and is rich with wildlife.

Dubrovnik Old Town, Croatia

Exploring labyrinthian ancient towns

This cruise offers guests the chance to explore labyrinthian old towns, with centuries-old histories and how residents live today in the ancient surroundings. Dubrovnik's defining deature is its city walls, which were originally built in the 9th century, and then forts were added in the 15th century. Beyond the walls, you'll find a maze of narrow streets and hidden gems within the old town. Croatia's second largest city, Split, is an exuberant mix of traditional culture and modern life - the medieval facades of Diocletian's Palace are beautifully preserved and are filled with tiny alleyways, homes, shops and restaurants that add to its mystery and historical significance. Built on a vast lagoon of over 100 tiny islands, the City of Bridges - and love - Venice (reached from Fusina) is a destination like no other. Famed for its many winding waterways, tiny cobbled back streets and beautiful architecture, including Piazza San Marco - St. Mark's Square, said to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world.

The fortress in Durres, Albania

Colliding civilsations influencing culture

The history of the Balkan region stretches back over centuries to the Roman and Ottoman Empires, and to Venetian times too. The Adriatic was perfectly placed as a strategic and important trading route, so cultures were hugely influenced and are now a blend of Christian, Catholic and Islam, and it is now seen as a part of the world where differing views and people coexist homogenously. You'll be joined on this cruise by Historian Alan Dingsdale, who will speak about the various civilisations in the Balkans, including the Ottoman era. Guests may choose to visit the town of Salona (Solin) which has one of the most significant Roman archaeological sites in the world, and also the tiny village of Trogir, which began life as a Greek settlement, before it became part of both the Roman and Venetian Empires. It then came under Austrian rule, part of the Kingdom of the Slovenes, Serbs and Croats, before claiming its independence in 1991 when it was part of Croatia.


Cruise Itinerary

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Life On Board

Introducing Bolette

With just 690 cabins Bolette fits perfectly in our fleet of smaller ships. With her warm, welcoming atmosphere, timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising.

Bolette in Olden, Norway


Bolette is one of the largest ships, by overall size, in our fleet. With its warm, welcoming atmosphere and timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising, Bolette is very much in keeping with what our guests have come to expect from a Fred. Olsen ship.

690 cabins
1,338 guests
657 crew
62,735 GT
24.5kts max speed
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