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Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen

01 Jun 2023


23 nights


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The Olsen Way Highlights

This extended voyage into the Arctic takes you off the beaten track to remote destinations, where you can gain an insight into the local way of life while capturing unspoilt scenery and the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun. In Tromso, learn of Arctic explorers and their recruitment of knowledgeable locals for their crews. You'll also visit the community of Longyearbyen and discover more of their life, before the natural wonders of Iceland await, and the wild and rugged environment of Greenland make for rewarding exploration. Narsarsuaq is your gateway to the Qooroq Ice Fjord, where you can weave among white and glassy blue icebergs on a boat tour. Throughout your voyage, Bolette will sail scenic fjords, passing glaciers and mountainous landscapes.

Please be advised that the itinerary for this cruise has been amended since originally published. 

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Whale diving on the Iceland coast near Husavik

Wildlife spotting on board with ORCA


As we explore the Arctic together, Ocean Conservationists ORCA will be on hand delivering talks on the marine life who call this region home, as well as leading wildlife spotting sessions out on deck. Be sure to bring your binoculars with you - these nutrient-rich waters are home to species such as Blue, Humpback, Fin, Beluga and Minke whales.

Roald Amundsen, Explorer

Explorer History


Throughout history, there were a number of well-known Explorers who navigated the Arctic and its rugged landscapes. There will be a knowledgeable expert on board Bolette who will provide insightful information on the history of these Explorers - such as Amundsen, Scott and Erik the Red. The Explorers recruited crew from the northern town of Tromsø for their expeditions as they had expert knowledge of the icy region, and Erik the Red settled in Qaqortoq following his exile from both Norway and Iceland. 

Jan Mayen island in North Atlantic ocean

Remote volcanic landscapes


As we leave Northern Norway and head towards Iceland home of erupting Geysers and thundering waterfalls, we’ve planned a special diversion to sail past the remote volcanic island of Jan Mayen. Located on the southern edge of the Arctic Ocean between Iceland and Spitsbergen, this inhospitable island is home to dramatic cliff faces, pebble-covered beaches and the world’s most northernmost active volcano – Beerenberg. You will be accompanied on this cruise by Geologist Tony Waltham who has an extensive knowledge of Iceland and Norway, exploring geological sites and visiting coastal towns via cruise ship.


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With just 690 cabins Bolette fits perfectly in our fleet of smaller ships. With her warm, welcoming atmosphere, timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising.

Bolette in Olden, Norway


Bolette is one of the largest ships, by overall size, in our fleet. With its warm, welcoming atmosphere and timeless style, and classic open deck spaces providing a place to fully immerse yourself in the magic of ocean cruising, Bolette is very much in keeping with what our guests have come to expect from a Fred. Olsen ship.

690 cabins
1,338 guests
657 crew
62,735 GT
24.5kts max speed
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