Discovering Indonesia & Iconic Australia

Departed 28th Nov 2019 42 nights Sails from Phuket Boudicca D192829
Sydney bridge and fireworks at New Year Sydney bridge and fireworks at New Year

Combining extensive explorations of Indonesia – the world’s largest archipelagic country – and the land ‘Down Under’, this incredible voyage packs in an abundance of highlights, from the beautiful landscapes and beaches of stunning islands to Australian icons such as famous native wildlife, magnificent landmarks, and even one of the world’s greatest and most legendary New Year’s Eve celebrations.

To begin, you can simply settle in on board on board Boudicca or make the most of time to relax at your pick of Phuket’s idyllic beaches, before sailing to Weh Island for an unforgettable first glimpse of Indonesia’s island scenes. [ReadMoreMob] Weh Island boasts jungle smothered interiors that are ripe for exploration, inviting white sands and warm, clear waters alive with marine creatures, such as manta rays, whales and dolphins. [ReadMoreDesk] An overnight stay in energetic Singapore will then offer a quick change of pace, before Boudicca stops at Semarang. Situated on Java Island’s picturesque north coast, Semerang serves as a gateway to the sensational, UNESCO-listed Borobudur Temple, famed for its bell-shaped stupas and awe-inspiring volcanic surroundings. A volcanic wonderland awaits your exploration at Lombok Island too; from Lembar you could tour to Gunung Rinjani – Indonesia’s second highest volcano – and marvel at vast crater lakes and bubbling hot springs. You’ll also visit Komodo Island for a rare opportunity to go ashore and see Komodo Dragons – the world’s largest lizards – in their extraordinary UNESCO-listed natural habitat, before Bali appears on your horizon. You could discover attractions such as the Ubus rice terraces and the sacred Goa Gajah Elephant Cave; or once again take advantage of sun-soaked beaches on offer in Benoa. 

A rewarding cruise of Australia’s picturesque west coast kicks-off your time ‘Down Under’, stopping at the beautiful beach resort town of Broome, Fremantle – for tours to cosmopolitan Perth, Western Australia’s attraction-packed capital – and Albany, where you can follow in the footsteps of Australia’s first European settlers. Along the stunning south coast, it’s on to Kangaroo Island to see wild kangaroo and koalas in their natural habitat; and Melbourne, with two days to admire a mix of architectural styles and uncover attractions such as the Royal Botanic Gardens and Melbourne Zoo in the ‘World’s Most Liveable City’. After a call at Hobart, capital of rugged Tasmania, a memorable journey north along the east coast begins in Sydney as 2019 ends. Experience the excitement of Sydney’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, including the city’s spectacular midnight fireworks display; visit the iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House; relax at Bondi Beach; and much more during your extended stay. A day in Brisbane, where a boat tour of the Brisbane River is highly recommended, follows, before scenic cruising of the Great Barrier Reef offers a chance to admire various species of fauna and flora from the comfort of your ship. At Townsville, you can see the reef’s magnificent marine life up-close at Reef HQ, too. Finally, there Cairns, gateway to lush rainforests such as Daintree – the oldest rainforest in the world.