Cruising the Norwegian Fjords

Departed 4th Aug 2018 8 nights Sails from Southampton Braemar M1819
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Thanks to Braemar’s shorter, shallower dimensions you’ll experience unforgettable scenic cruising of narrow fjords and waterways on this incredible eight night sailing; and take in spectacular landscapes and highly-rated natural wonders which are out of reach to larger cruise ships.

You’ll take advantage of your ship’s smaller size from the very beginning of your foray into the fjords, sailing first along the glassy waters of the Lysefjord – lined by soaring mountains and rugged cliff faces – and the pretty Karmsund Strait, both of which are size-restricted. Then, tucked away within Hardangerfjord – Norway’s second longest fjord – you’ll discover enchanting Eidfjord. Here you can experience an exhilarating fjord kayaking adventure; or take a tour to marvel at the beautiful Vøringfoss Waterfall. The fascinating Hardangervidda Nature Centre is well worth a visit too. Sailing back along Hardangerfjord in the afternoon will present views of gorgeous orchards and towering mountains, before Braemar diverts into Maurangerfjord to offer you a chance to capture the cascading Furebergfossen Waterfall. [ReadMore]

The magnificent Jotunheimen Mountains and Jostedalbreen – mainland Europe’s largest glacier – are just two of the awe-inspiring sights awaiting you next, during a day in idyllic Skjolden. From here the Nigardsbreen Glacier, an arm of the astonishing Jostedalbreen, and the spellbinding Jostedalen Valley are within easy reach too. After taking in the scenic delights ashore, Braemar will guide you on another magical evening of scenic cruising along Lustrafjord, Sognefjord – Norway’s longest fjord – and into Nærøyfjord, one of National Geographic’s top two Natural World Heritage Sites. Finally, after immersing yourself in the outstanding beauty and tranquillity of stunning waterways and pretty fjord villages, you’ll visit two of Norway’s most vibrant cities before heading home. Take the chance to explore the historic Bryggen Wharf and ride the funicular to the top of Mount Fløyen in Bergen; then discover the many attractions of Stavanger – a former European capital of Culture.