American Waterways & Canada in the Fall


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26 Sep 2023


34 nights


The cruise at a glance

The Olsen Way Highlights

Exploring New York City by day and by night, taking in sites such as Broadway and Times Square, is sure to be a highlight of your journey. You will reap the benefits of smaller ship cruising as Balmoral navigates the size-restricted Hudson River and narrow Cape Cod Canal, both of which will be flanked by autumnal foliage. Balmoral will also cruise the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal en route to Baltimore, your gateway to discovering Washington, D. C. Before reaching the USA, you will have plenty of chances to appreciate the natural beauty of Canada during the colourful season of ‘fall’.

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Capitol Hill panorama with reflection pool in late autumn, Washington DC, USA

Iconic Cityscapes

This cruise offers guests the chance to see some of the most iconic cities on the East Coast of the USA. As Balmoral cruises along the Hudson River, you’ll hear commentary from our knowledgeable on board team; and you’ll also be joined by Ed Glinert who will talk about 101 skyscrapers in New York that you shouldn’t miss. In Washington, take the opportunity to admire the country’s capital city, and of course the White House. A Harbour Cruise of Boston is the ideal way to see this great city, as your boat will pass the USS Constitution, the oldest commissioned US Naval Warship; and it’s also home to the Old South Meeting House, where the infamous Boston Tea Party began in 1773.

Jazz musician

A diverse heritage and way of life

Canada has a huge culturally diverse heritage, with Scottish and Irish settling in Newfoundland, and French influences in the Quebec region. You’ll be joined on this cruise by Susan Atkinson, who lives in Newfoundland and will share her experiences of how local culture is influenced by the Irish. Over the last two centuries, a distinctive subculture was formed and many Irish traditions are still upheld today including the foot-tapping fiddle music, particularly by Kelly Russell, who is recognized for his commitment to preserving it in the region. New York is a melting pot of cultures, and Harlem played an important role in jazz history in the 1920’s, giving the city its musical edge. Join experienced guides and discover more about these fun nights in New York’s history.

New Foundland, Canada

Historic rule and independence

In Canada, the historical influence of the British is evident in the architecture in St. John’s, even though half of the city was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1892. Many stone buildings survived, but residential homes were made of wood, so were quickly lost. However, the city was very quickly rebuilt and the architecture from this time is quite distinctive and recognisable. You’ll be joined on this cruise by Sir Andrew Burns – a British diplomat resident for over 10 years, who will talk about the British influence in Canada, up until 1949, when Newfoundland became a Canadian province. You’ll also hear from Paul Madden, a former British embassy employee in Washington, as he talks about the revolutionary and civil wars, and the city’s role in US history.


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Life On Board

Introducing Balmoral

Beautiful Balmoral is small enough to navigate some of Europe’s most picturesque waterways so guests can enjoy hours of scenic cruising. Balmoral retains a warm, civilised atmosphere and features comfortable accommodation, stylish restaurants and plenty of open deck space.

Fred. Olsen ship Balmoral sailing at dawn


Beautiful Balmoral is small enough to navigate Europe’s most picturesque waterways so guests can enjoy hours of scenic cruising. Balmoral offers a warm, civilised atmosphere and features comfortable accommodation, stylish restaurants and plenty of open-deck space.

710 cabins
1,325 guests
551 crew
43,537 GT
16kts max speed
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