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Scenic Landscapes & Wildlife of the British Isles


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Puffins on a cliff, Scotland Puffins on a sea cliff, Scotland

22 Jul 2024


9 nights


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Hand-crafted highlights

Our team has combined scenic landscapes, remote islands, wildlife havens and fascinating history on this cruise that encompasses the most northern and southern shores of Britain. As well as sailing among the Channel Islands, including past the observation towers of southern Guernsey, you will call into picturesque St Peter Port and the fortified Scilly Isle of St Mary’s. Heading north presents the geological wonders of Fingal’s Cave and Dutchman’s Cap, while the Scottish isles of Orkney and Skye are ideal for uncovering wartime history and wild scenery respectively. While at sea, keep your eyes peeled for birdlife – including puffins – and marine life, assisted by conservationists from wildlife charity ORCA.

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Fingal's Cave, Scotland

The magic of Fingal's Cave

According to legend, the distinctive and symmetrical basalt columns of Fingal’s Cave are said to be the corresponding piece of road linking to the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Built by the giant Fionn mac Cumhaill, it was destroyed by his enemy – Scottish giant Benandonner, as he returned to Scotland. On a scenic cruise past the Isle of Staffa on board Borealis, you’ll see the entrance to the magnificent Fingal’s Cave, where the sound of the waves crashing into the cave was the inspiration for Mendelssohn’s Hebrides overture.

Dolphin spotted from on board

Cetacean spotting with ORCA

Joining you on board this cruise will be a team of conservationists from wildlife charity ORCA, who will be on deck with you to identify the different species of cetacean you can hope to spot in the waters surrounding Scotland, in particular. Home to the harbour porpoise – the smallest cetacean found in Scottish waters, visiting bottle-nose and common dolphins, and even whales; the timing of this cruise is when temperatures are seasonally amongst the warmest. There may also be the opportunity to see puffins who’ve returned to the cliffs of the Small Isles.

Blockships deliberately sunk in the smaller entrances to Scapa Flow, Orkney

Orkney's wartime history

The history of the Orkney Islands involvement in World War II is fascinating – as Scapa Flow has a large natural harbour, it was used as a Naval Base for the British fleet. Today, there are still many batteries and gun emplacements dotted throughout the islands. Join us on a tour to explore further, with stops at the Churchill Barriers, and Ness Battery in Stromness, a hugely crucial site for defending Scapa Flow, accompanied by a knowledgeable Wartime Guide.


Cruise Itinerary

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Life On Board

Introducing Borealis

Sister-ship to Bolette, Borealis is perfectly suited for enjoying scenic cruising of the world's lesser-known waterways. From cruising past remarkable landscapes and historical sites to capturing the beauty of the natural world. 

Borealis at sea at sunset
Borealis at sea at sunset


Sister-ship to Bolette, Borealis is perfectly suited for taking guests on a journey around the globe, enabling more exploration in more exciting ports. Her smaller size, spacious public areas, open deck spaces and impressive array of restaurants make her perfect for longer voyages, and shorter journeys alike.

702 cabins
1,360 guests
662 crew
61,849 GT
25kts max speed
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Our Signature Experiences

To make your experience even more special, our Journey Planners have designed a unique programme of Signature Experiences which will allow you to discover real insights about the culture and nature of the places we are visiting, so you can arrive in each destination fully prepared to get the most out of your visit.

Itinerary Insights

We have carefully curated a programme of events to give you a deeper understanding of each of the destinations you will be visiting

Scenic Discoveries

Our Scenic Discoveries are designed to allow you to enjoy seeing the world from the unique perspective of our ships

The Ship and the Sea

Maritime is in our DNA - our history in shipping goes back almost 200 years

The Sky at Sea

There’s very little in the natural world more beautiful than a clear night sky, sunrise or sunset seen at sea

Treats of the Region

We love to bring a taste of the region's food, drink, local tastes and culinary traditions to life on board

Your Guest Speakers

We’ve arranged for some wonderful guest speakers to join us for this cruise. They will be delivering a programme of insightful talks and activities to deepen your cultural, artistic and historical understanding of the destinations we will be exploring, well as helping you to enjoy the natural beauty of the places we visit.

Island Way of Life in Scilly

Michael Pullan

Michael is a retired Methodist Minister who served in the Isles of Scilly, based on St. Mary's, from 2018 to 2021. Having also visited the Isles of Scilly on many occassions, he looks forward to sharing his insights and experiences of living on the isles.

Ocean Wildlife


Founded in 2001, ORCA is a group of Ocean Conservationists. Join them out on deck to search the seas for marine life.

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Scapa Flow & Diving

Rod Macdonald

Rod is an internationally reowned shipwreck explorer and will be on hand to provide an insight into want happened in the WWI High Seas Fleet Wrecks of Scapa Flow.

Treats & Pastimes

In addition to our Signature Experiences, we have a selection of lovely Treats & Pastimes for you to enjoy when on board. Just check your Daily Times each day for full details.

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Cabins, Prices & Offers

Cabin Options On Your Cruise

* Prices correct as of 17:00 27/02/2024, based on the lowest available Cruise Only fare, and on two people sharing a twin cabin. Please call +441473746175 for live availability & prices.

* Prices correct as of 17:00 27/02/2024, based on the lowest available Cruise Only fare, and on sole occupancy. Please call +441473746175 for live availability & prices.

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Balcony Junior Suite (BJ)

Borealis' Balcony Junior Suites have a private balcony and sitting/bedroom area.

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Borealis' Balcony Junior Adapted Suites have a balcony and sitting/bedroom area.

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Balcony Suite (BS)

Located on decks 6 & 7, Borealis' Balcony Suites have a private balcony.

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Premier Suite (PS)

Borealis' Premier Suites are located on Deck 7, and have a private balcony.

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Premier Suite Wheelchair Adapted (PSD)

Borealis' Premier Adapted Suites are spacious and stylish, and located on deck 7.

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Olsen Suite (OW)

The Olsen Suite is the largest suite on Borealis, with a private balcony and sitting area.

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What's Included


As well as our Signature Experiences, there is a host of other treats to enjoy on board our ships.

Enhance your cruise

Each of our cruises has been carefully designed for you to get the very best out of your time on board; and now you can enhance your cruise to make it even more special.

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