Atlantic Islands & Desert Dunes

Departed 10th Oct 2019 21 nights Sails from Santa Cruz de Tenerife Boudicca D1925
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On this epic, three-week journey you’ll uncover distant destinations galore as you sail south from the Canaries to Cape Town aboard Boudicca. Visits to a string of stunning Atlantic Ocean islands, including isolated locations in the South Atlantic, will present you with beautifully unspoilt sun-kissed landscapes and natural wonders, before captivating wildlife, the world’s oldest desert and an iconic city awaits your discovery in Africa.

Kicking off your Atlantic island adventures in the Canaries offers you the chance to delight in the soothing sunshine and spectacular scenery of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, [ReadMoreMob] an island renowned for its year-round warmth and inviting beaches, and whet your appetite for what’s to come. Continuing on to Cape Verde, you’re in a rewarding two days in this verdant volcanic archipelago, with calls at Mindelo and Praia bringing you diverse landscapes, colonial monuments, interesting museums and more. In the South Atlantic, two hard-to-reach, rarely visited islands appear on your horizon. You'll circumnavigate remote Ascension Island, with running commentary from your ship providing an insight into the island's past. History enthusiasts will treasure a stop at St Helena, an island famed for its links to Napoleon, who was exiled here until his death. You can capture breathtaking views from atop Ladder Hill; and even meet Jonathan the Tortoise – St Helena’s oldest and most famous inhabitant – during a day in Jamestown, too. [ReadMoreDesk]

When you finally reach African shores, Walvis Bay will welcome you to Namibia. A haven for wildlife, Walvis Bay’s beautiful natural lagoon is often dotted with flush pink flamingos and various seabird species including pelicans and cape cormorants. Also within reach of Walvis Bay is the world’s oldest desert, The Namib, home to colossal sand dunes and endemic wildlife such as wild horses and springboks. The vast, unforgiving landscapes of the Namib can also be explored from Lüderitz, although you might be tempted to take a short trip from here to Kolmanskop, with its eerie sand-engulfed ‘ghost town’. Bringing a perfect conclusion to this unforgettable cruise is an overnight stay in Cape Town, South Africa’s magnificent ‘Mother City’. You can take your pick of a collection of world-famous attractions here before you head for home, from the incredible scenery at Cape Point and the penguins at Boulders Beach, to iconic landmarks such as Table Mountain and Signal Hill. Whatever you choose to see and do, you’re sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Your Itinerary

  • On this epic, three-week journey from the Canaries to Cape Town aboard Boudicca you’ll uncover a host of distant destinations, including a string of stunning Atlantic Ocean islands and captivating towns and cities in Namibia and South Africa.
  • Visit Tenerife and Gran Canaria; enjoy two days in Cape Verde; and take in two hard-to-reach, rarely visited islands: Ascension and St Helena. You can admire Ascension’s verdant lands and gorgeous beaches as you circumnavigate the island; and explore St Helena’s links to Napoleon during a day in Jamestown.
  • When you finally reach African shores, visits to Walvis Bay and Lüderitz offer chances to see pink flamingos in their natural habitat; tour to the world’s largest desert; and explore a fascinating ‘ghost town’. You’ll enjoy an overnight stay in Cape Town, the South Africa’s iconic ‘Mother City’, too.
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