Ancient Adriatic

Departed 13th Feb 2022 19 nights Sails from Southampton Bolette T2203A
Aerial view of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast, Croatia Aerial view of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic coast, Croatia

On this unforgettable cruise, you’ll not only get to experience a journey along some of the Adriatic’s most scenic coastline, but also journey through centuries of fascinating history and culture in beautiful Dalmatian cities. In Croatia, you’ll not only get to revel in views of the country’s spectacular Adriatic coastline, but also step ashore and be greeted by its fascinating history and culture in spellbinding cities. Visit the UNESCO-listed World Heritage sites of Dubrovnik and Split’s enchanting old towns, and stroll through tales of centuries past amongst their ancient walls, terracotta-topped buildings, churches and monasteries, and breathtaking seascapes. There’s a call at Zadar, the perfect base from which to journey to the beautiful Krka National Park, with its waterfalls and walking trails.[ReadMore]

Along the coast, Kotor beckons amongst scenes of Montenegro’s magnificent landscapes; the Venetian Works of Defence, built between the 15th and 17th centuries, will be in view of your ship and ready for your exploration too. There's also a visit to Slovenia, to discover the highlights of Koper, another terracotta-topped gem. You've ample time to explore this city's Old Town district, rich with an abundance of cultural and historical monuments; while away a couple of hours with a relaxing wander around the pretty marina; and sample the culinary delights that Koper is famed for. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, you’ll have chances to explore Valletta and see its UNESCO-listed Grand Harbour, or tour to UNESCO-listed ancient Mdina, during a visit to Malta; step back to Roman times in the Spanish city of Cartagena, amongst its ancient fortifications and walls; and see the centuries-old sites of Cádiz, where you could learn to dance flamenco and enjoy traditional tapas too.

Itinerary Change Notice: Please be advised this cruise no longer calls into Venice, Cagliari & Lisbon – please see updated itinerary for full details.