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Insurance Top Tips

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By Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

Recognised as the Best Insurance Provider by travel industry magazine Travel Weekly for nine years running, everything on offer at Holiday Extras is aimed towards enhancing your travel experience.

What is the difference between Cruise travel insurance and general travel insurance? 
General travel insurance is mostly designed for travellers planning to relax on a land-based holiday, by the pool or on the beach, or by going sightseeing for example. A cruise holiday has very different elements, requiring a more specialist cover. It would be very unlikely that a standard holiday insurance policy would provide cover in the unfortunate event of having to be medically evacuated by helicopter whilst at sea. However, this is just the sort of scenario that specialist cruise insurance would take into account, giving you reassurance that you’re suitably covered throughout your trip should the unexpected occur.

I've got insurance with my bank - is this adequate? 
While the bank policy might seem like the easiest option to go for, it isn’t always the best. Bank policies are often given away free and usually offer limited or standard cover. These generic policies don’t take into account any pre-existing medical conditions or the extra requirements to insure a longer duration sailing such as a world cruise. Whereas, dedicated cruise insurance is tailored to accommodate these kind of circumstances.

Why do I have to declare all pre-existing medical conditions? 
The worst case scenario would be that the insurer doesn’t have all the medical facts to hand if emergency medical treatment is required. Some medical costs abroad are currently covered by the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) but outside Europe even the most basic medical treatment can be very expensive. When all pre-existing medical conditions are declared, customers can board their cruise ship knowing that in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency, they will have the correct cover in place.


What if I don't declare all pre-existing medical conditions? 
Emergency medical treatment could be refused if an individual can’t prove they have the correct insurance for existing medical conditions. Those who fail to declare all pre-existing medical conditions could find that their claim may be invalidated. On a lighter note, not all pre-existing medical conditions mean paying a higher premium – some policies have a list of accepted medical conditions that are covered without paying extra. In other cases, depending on the medical condition, the additional cost is insignificant compared to the potentially high costs of overseas emergency treatment.

Avoid potential loopholes 
It is tempting to save money and opt for the cheapest holiday insurance. However, many of these policies have loopholes that will not provide cover for the exact circumstance in the claim. Be sure to thoroughly investigate what’s covered in the policy.

Don't overdo it
On the other hand, it’s unnecessary to buy the most expensive policy if it’s not needed. Make a list of your requirements and buy cover that suits. Whatever the cruise, we can tailor affordable insurance to make sure you don’t pay more than necessary.

Annual cover 
For travellers lucky enough to be embarking on several trips this year, annual policies may work out to be the best value choice. For multiple holidays, an annual insurance policy provides cover for the year ahead.

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