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Five Spooky Places To Visit on a Fred. Olsen Cruise

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At Fred. Olsen, our expertly hand crafted itineraries feature a diverse choice of destinations and experiences, to ensure there's a cruise for everyone, no matter what you're interested in, or wish to discover.

For many of our guests, a cruise holiday is about chances to enjoy unbridled relaxation in paradise, or taste the authentic cultures of bustling cities, traditional towns or rarely-visited settlements. But for some, it's a chance to discover something a little more... spine tingling!

Prefer to experience something spooky over soothing sunshine and spectacular scenery? If so, the five destinations and experiences below – a selection of our favourite 'haunts' from around the world – are sure to whet your appetite!

1 ) Aître St. Maclou | Rouen, France
Rouen, Spooky destinations

A tour of Rouen isn't complete without visiting the eerie Aître St. Maclou, a Roman burial ground that became a burgeoning cemetery during the Black Plague. Morbid carvings of skulls, pickaxes and bones, and the mummified remains of a black cat used to fend off evil spirits, serve as a reminder of Aître St. Maclou's past.

2 ) Akershus Fortress | Oslo, Norway
Akershus Fortress, Oslo, Norway

Legend states the medieval castle gates of this beautiful fortress are guarded by a demon dog named 'Malcanisen' - listen carefully and you'll hear the ghostly snarls as you pass by. Many also claim they've felt the resident castle ghost glide past them as she heads to her chamber.

3 ) Mont St-Michel | Saint Malo, France

Mont St. Michel, Saint Malo, France

A rocky island connected to the mainland by a disappearing causeway, it is said that the spirit of Louis d’Estouville will haunt the monastery for eternity. On its most gruesome day in history it is believed that the surrounding sands were red with blood after the slaughter of more than 2,000 men.

4 ) Recoleta Cemetery | Buenos Aires
Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires

Perhaps the most notable ghost story at this site is that of a 19 year old girl named Rufina. On the day of her burial a storm led to the ceremony being postponed; the next day, with the lid of the coffin slightly ajar it was discovered that the wood of the coffin had frantically been clawed at and she hed been buried alive.

5 ) Chichen Itza Ruins | Cozumel, Mexico

Chicken Itza, Cozumel, Mexico

Commonly considered one of the most haunted places in Mexico; the Chichen Itza Ruins offer a creepy insight into the dark rituals of the Mayan people. With human sacrifices believed to appease the gods, many have noticed the shadowy figures trapped and cursed to walk the site forever, unable to leave.

Please note descriptions include optional, chargeable experiences that may be enjoyed independently and / or with optional Fred. Olsen Shore Tours. E&OE.

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