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Five reasons to visit Norway in Summer

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From breathtaking fjords and lakes to mystical mountains and the Northern Lights, a Norway cruise offers several unique experiences to travellers at any time of year. Find out five reasons why Norway in summer is worth a visit.

What is Norway’s summer weather like?

Before we delve into why you should visit Norway in summer, it's worth giving you an idea of the weather and temperatures you can expect from your trip. A Norway summer typically runs through June, July and August, and visitors during these months can benefit from some of the most stable weather experienced in the country.

Norway’s summer temperatures can reach between 25 and 30 degrees celsius, with very little humidity in the air. However, perhaps the best feature of Norway's weather in the summer is the opportunity to experience the midnight sun.

From the end of June to the beginning of August, travellers will be able to experience a phenomenon where Norway doesn't get dark at night and instead benefits from 24 hours of sunlight. While this is a reason in itself to visit Norway during the summer months, it also offers visitors a unique opportunity to take part in traditional daytime activities under the hues of the midnight sun.

Like the Aurora Borealis and other natural phenomena, the further north you travel in Norway, the better chance you have of experiencing the midnight sun. So if you're headed to Northern Norway or travelling towards the Arctic Circle, you'll be in the best place to encounter this phenomenon.

Top five reasons to visit Norway in summer

Midnight Sun, Norway

Now you know what weather to expect and a typical Norway temperature in summer, it's time to dig into why you should travel during the sunny season. 

You might think of Norway as a winter destination, with experiences including dog sledding in the Arctic Circle, polar bear spotting in Svalbard and skiing across snow-capped mountains in Bergen, but Norwegian summers open up a whole host of activities away from the snow and cold. 

Here are our top five reasons why a Norwegian cruise should be on your summer travel list. 

Cruise the Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords

While many visitors flock to Norway's capital, Oslo, another top reason for travel is the Norwegian fjords. Weaving through the countryside and cutting through steep mountainsides for miles, the fjords are a magnificent treat for the eyes.

Whether you choose to marvel at the fjords from ashore or experience them from the comfort of a Norwegian fjords cruise, you'll be treated to unspoilt and breathtaking views. And it's not just the fjords themselves to see, many cruises also take in the sights of rolling mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls and beautifully carved valleys as you sail into the fjords from the Norwegian Sea.

Try your hand at salmon fishing

Salmon ladder, Norway

Whether you're a keen fisherman or you've never tried it before, Norway in summer offers some of the best salmon fishing in Europe, no matter your skill level. For those who prefer to spectate, salmon fishing is one of the most exciting types of fishing to watch, with salmon leaping high in the air and locals using their expertise to catch them every time.

Our scenic summertime Norwegian fjords cruise offers an opportunity to visit Kvasfossen, which is the perfect location for watching locals fish at the 'salmon ladder'. Alternatively, you could take a short trip to the banks of the Lygna River which has one of the largest salmon populations in the country, as well as being the home of the largest salmon ever caught in Southern Norway.

Experience the Arctic Circle

Leknes, Lofoten Islands

For those keen to make the most of the midnight sun, heading to the Arctic Circle is one of the best things to do in Northern Norway in summer. As the most populated arctic region in the world, it offers visitors plenty of things to do - especially in the summertime.

Many businesses and excursions stay open long into the night during the summer months, especially in vibrant cities like Tromsø where visitors can completely immerse themselves in Norwegian culture. If you're a keen adventurer, why not try a fjord swim or glacier hike with a local tour guide. If nature is more your thing, you could embark on a whale-watching expedition or spend time among some of the world's most stunning scenery in the Lofoten Islands.

Whatever your hobbies and interests, a cruise to Norway offers a great opportunity to experience everything the Arctic Circle has to offer.

Ride the Loen Skylift

Loen skylift, Norway

We've already mentioned how cruising the fjords is a breathtaking experience, but the Loen Skylift is a great new way to view the fjords from above. Located at the inner part of the Nordfjord, cable cars elevate you from the fjord to 1,011 metres, delivering spectacular views and a whole new perspective.

Once you reach the top, it doesn't stop there. At the peak of Mt. Hoven there are a multitude of activities to take part in; from hiking and climbing to zip lining and kayaking. If you're ready to relax and take in the views from a more comfortable position, there is a restaurant and bar situated on the cliff edge, offering panoramic views of the fjord landscape.

Get closer to the fjords with kayaking

Kayaking in Norway

Summer in Norway provides perfect conditions for kayaking along the fjords or across one of the many lakes and rivers dispersed across the country, especially if you get a sunny day where the light bounces off the water.

Kayaking in Norway is like nowhere else in the world, with its tranquil waters, vast caverns and valleys that make it feel like you're in a Scandinavian fairytale, and a diverse selection of wildlife that you may not experience anywhere else. It doesn't matter where your Norwegian cruise is headed either; the country has become such a haven for kayaking, so much so, that rentals and guided kayak tours are available almost anywhere there's water.

Whether you're completely new to kayaking or you're a seasoned pro, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect location and landscape.

It's worth mentioning that many rental operators require you to have a "wet card" certification before you can rent a kayak. Don't worry though, you could factor in a course as part of your experience and learn everything there is to know about kayaking while having fun out on the water.

Cruises to Norway

Balmoral in Eidfjord

Each of our cruises to Norway has been designed to highlight the best the country has to offer, whether you opt for our Scenic Summertime Norwegian Fjords cruise and take in the sights of Lyngdal, Eidfjord and Olden, or you climb aboard our Norwegian Fjords and Mighty Waterfalls cruise to experience The Lysefjord, Langfoss Waterfall and Bergen.

Find your perfect Norwegian cruise today and explore everything Norway has to offer.

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