Arriving For Your Cruise

To assist you with planning travel to the port on the day of departure we provide recommended arrival/check-in times for each cruise, which can be found on your cruise ticket. If you arrive earlier than the time shown for your cruise, you are likely to experience delays in embarking. If you find you will be arriving earlier, we suggest that you take a break for a drink or snack somewhere before heading to the cruise terminal. For fly-cruise holidays, please refer to your flight tickets for details of your check-in time at the airport. 

You can find the time for your chosen cruise by locating your ship, cruise number and departure date below for the time we request you arrive from.

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
L2002 18th March Newcastle 12:00
L2003 29th March Newcastle 12:00
L2004 14th April Newcastle 12:00
L2005 25th April Newcastle 12:00
L2006 1st May Newcastle 12:00
L2007 6th May Newcastle 12:00
L2008 15th May Newcastle 12:00
L2009 22nd May Newcastle 12:00
L2010 23rd May Rosyth 12:00
L2011 28th May Rosyth 12:00
L2012 8th June Rosyth 12:00
L2013 22nd June Rosyth 12:00
L2014 29th June Rosyth 12:00
L2015 9th July Rosyth 12:00
L2016 14th July Rosyth 12:00
L2017 23rd July Rosyth 12:00
L2018 24th July Newcastle 12:00
L2019 2nd August Newcastle 12:00
L2020 16th August Newcastle 12:00
L2021 27th August Newcastle 12:00
L2022 1st September Newcastle 12:00
L2023 9th September Newcastle 12:00
L2024 17th September Dover 12:00
L2025 24th September Southampton 12:00
L2026 29th September Southampton 12:00
L2027 2nd November Southampton 12:00
L2028 13th November Southampton 12:00
L2029 18th November Southampton 12:00
L2030 1st December Southampton 12:00
L2031 9th December Southampton 12:00
L2032 17th December Southampton 12:00
L2033 22nd December Southampton 12:00
Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
D2003 6th February Colombo* 14:00
D2004 20th February Dubai* 14:00
D2005 5th March Limassol* 14:00
D2006 19th March Dover 12:00
D2007 22nd March Dover 12:00
D2008 29th March Dover 12:00
D2009 17th April Dover 12:00
D2010 26th April Dover 12:00
D2011 18th May Dover 12:00
D2012 25th May Dover 12:00
D2013 3rd June Dover 12:00
D2014 11th June Dover 12:00
D2015 20th June Dover 12:00
D2016 3rd July Dover 12:00
D2017 10th July Dover 12:00
D2018 15th July Dover 12:00
D2019 24th July Dover 12:00
D2020 4th August Dover 12:00
D2021 11th August Dover 12:00
D2022 27th August Dover 12:00
D2023 1st September Dover 12:00
D2024 29th September Dover 12:00
D2025 24th October Southampton 12:00
D2026 29th October Southampton 12:00
D2027 5th November Southampton 12:00
D2028 12th November Santa Cruz* 14:00
D2029 3rd December Cape Town* 14:00
D2030 17th December Victoria* 14:00

*For independent fly cruise guests.

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
D2101 14th January 2021 Tokyo* 14:00
D2102 28th January  Hong Kong* 14:00
D2103 11th February Phuket* 14:00
D2104 25th February Muscat* 14:00
* For independent fly cruise guests.
Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
M2003 30th January La Romana* 14:00
M2004 13th February Barbados* 14:00
M2005 27th February La Romana* 14:00
M2006 12th March  Barbados* 14:00
M2007 28th March Southampton 12:30
M2008 9th April Southampton 12:30
M2009 14th April Southampton 12:30
M2010 28th April Southampton 12:30
M2011 8th May Southampton 12:30
M2012 16th May Southampton 12:30
M2013 24th May Southampton 12:30
M2014 1st June Southampton 12:30
M2015 14th June Southampton 12:30
M2016 28th June Southampton 12:30
M2017 10th July Southampton 12:30
M2018 20th July Southampton 12:30
M2019 28th July Southampton 12:30
M2020 11th August Southampton 12:30
M2021 19th August Southampton 12:30
M2022 27th August Southampton 12:30
M2023 1st September Southampton 12:30
M2024 9th September Southampton 12:30
M2025 22nd September Southampton 12:30
M2026 3rd October Southampton 12:30
M2027 11th October Southampton 12:30
M2028 26th October Southampton 12:30
M2029 31st October Southampton 12:30
M2030 11th November Southampton 12:30
M2031 24th November Southampton 12:30
M2032 10th December Barbados* 14:00
M2033 23rd December Santo Domingo* 14:00
* For independent fly cruise guests.
Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
W2003 31st January Southampton 12:00
W2004 14th February Southampton 12:00
W2005 19th February Southampton 12:00
W2006 3rd March Southampton 12:00
W2007 17th March Southampton 12:00
W2008 24th March Southampton 12:00
W2009 26th March Liverpool 12:00
W2010 9th April Liverpool 12:00
W2011 18th April Liverpool 12:00
W2012 28th April Liverpool 12:00
W2013 12th May Liverpool 12:00
W2014 23rd May  Liverpool 12:00
W2015 28th May Liverpool 12:00
W2016 7th June Liverpool 12:00
W2017 17th June Liverpool 12:00
W2018 25th June Liverpool 12:00
W2019 11th July Liverpool 12:00
W2020 18th July Liverpool 12:00
W2021 27th July Liverpool 12:00
W2022 5th August Liverpool 12:00
W2023 13th August Liverpool 12:00
W2024 27th August Liverpool 12:00
W2025 1st September Liverpool 12:00
W2026 12th September Liverpool 12:00
W2027 25th Setember Liverpool 12:00
W2028 7th October Liverpool 12:00
W2029 16th October Liverpool 12:00
W2030 25th October Liverpool 12:00
W2031 6th November Liverpool 12:00
W2032 8th December Liverpool 12:00
W2033 22nd December Liverpool 12:00
* For independent fly cruise guests.