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Find out what makes us different

Sail with us on board our smaller ships. Our Captains, Officers and Crew can't wait to welcome you.


We sail all around the world and our award-winning itineraries are hand-crafted each year by our Journey Planners.

Unique Grand Voyages

Our unique Grand Voyages are the best way to show you what we mean by hand-crafted itinearies.

The Fred. Olsen Fleet

Why Smaller Is Better

Our ships are smaller for several reasons. Their size allows us to access places larger ships simply cannot reach, such as journeying through the impressive Corinth Canal, and dock closer to the heart of beautiful cities.

With fewer passengers on board, our crew get to know each of our guests, and the atmosphere on board is always warm and civilised.

Borealis at sea
Fred. Olsen ship Bolette sailing
Fred. Olsen ship Balmoral sailing at dawn
Fred. Olsen ship Braemar sailing at dusk

Solo Travelling

Keep up to date with the latest news from on board our ships.

Cruising with us

Everything you need to know both joining and being on board a Fred. Olsen cruise.

Cruise with confidence

With cruise restrictions easing, keep up to date with the latest protocols.