Terms and conditions for guide dogs on board

Assistance Dog Policy Terms & Conditions
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines will only accept animals on board that are fully registered with the appropriate bodies as assistance animals.
There may be countries that your cruise visits that do not support the Pet Travel Scheme and are subject to different rules & requirements. Once we receive your application, we will advise you if any ports of call on your chosen cruise do not support the Pet Travel Scheme. This may not mean you are unable to travel, but may place restrictions on where you and your assistance dog can visit.
As the owner of the assistance dog, it is your responsibility to ensure your dog meets all the disease control rules for entering the UK (EU Regulation 998/2003) following your cruise.
Any assistance dog that does not comply with all the disease control rules may not be able to enter the UK or may be quarantined on return.
We have no veterinary staff on board our vessels.
Not all ports of call will have veterinary support close at hand.
Travel by sea can be excessively rough due to weather conditions.
Travel between some ports of call involve a number of days at sea.
We are unable to provide any recommendations for veterinary services in any country visited. Whilst our Guest Services Department on board may be able to assist in making a veterinary appointment, we accept no liability for any services offered by any veterinary practice.
Cruise itineraries are subject to change at any time which may result in missed or replacement ports of calls due to circumstances such as adverse weather conditions or restricted port capacity, etc.
It is your responsibility to ensure you have provision in place to support your assistance dog throughout your cruise with us (i.e. food, medication, dog bed, feed & water bowls, etc.) and are aware of the limitations with our cruise ships, destinations, ports and facilities.
It is the owner’s responsibility to provide all food for the assistance dog throughout the cruise.
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines will make toileting provision for the assistance dog on board. This will be discussed with you prior to travel to agree suitable mutual arrangements.
On no account must assistance dogs be allowed on the beds within the guest’s room. 
In line with the EU Regulation No. 1177/2010 concerning the rights of passengers when traveling by sea and inland waterways, Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines do not charge for the carriage of assistance dogs.
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