Trois-Rivières (Trois Rivieres), Canada

Introduction to Trois-Rivières (Trois Rivieres)

Once almost completely destroyed by fire in 1908, the city is now thriving with cafés, bars, artists’ workshops and a variety of museums celebrating Canada’s many industries – from pulp and paper, to iron and steel. By contrast, the Promenade de la Poésie, punctuated with more than 300 panels displaying love poems, is a delightful walk.

Despite being almost completely destroyed by fire in 1908, leaving barely any historic buildings or monuments, Trois-Rivières has blossomed into one of Canada’s busiest, most exciting and cosmopolitan cities.

From motor races, to musicals, sports events and more, there is always something exciting for visitors and residents to enjoy. There are plenty of museums celebrating Canada’s paper, flour milling and metal working industries, galleries, cafes and places to shop. All are easy to find either alone, or with the help of a tour guide. There is even an old prison to visit, where tours are led by former inmates.

At the busy Harbourfront Park you will find beautiful unobstructed views of the Saint-Laurent River as well as several stalls, terraces and restaurant, while a tour to the Boréalis underground vault - where you will find a mysterious trail and a forgotten world - is highly recommended.

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An Evening at the Sugar Shack, Trois Rivieres


  • Treat yourself to an authentic Québecois tradition
  • Join in the fun at the Sugar Shack
  • Enjoy an evening meal, traditional music and a maple taffy treat
DurationApproximately 3 hours
LimitationLimited to 90
Walking level 1 - minimal or no walkingMinimal or no walking
Snack includedSnack included

Departing the quayside, you will have an approximate 30 minute journey to the Cabane à Sucre (Sugar Shack), where the local tenants will greet you and inform you about the production of maple products and the evolution of the process over the years. Enter the main hall, where you can enjoy an evening filled with live entertainment and French Canadian folklore, as well as a traditional Québecois all-you-can-eat meal. More music, song and dance will be provided, and you can witness a maple taffy pull before you re-board your tour coach for the return drive back to your awaiting ship.


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TOUR NOTES: For reference, you will spend approximately two hours at the Sugar Shack. The walk from the coach park to the Sugar Shack will be over gravelled terrain. The meal includes tea and coffee. Beer, wine and soft drinks are available to purchase at an extra cost.

Cit� de l��nergie, Trois Rivieres


  • Discover the Cité de l’énergie - an expansive complex created to showcase the heritage of the industrial era of the region.
  • Explore the past, present and future science and art of energy.
DurationApproximately 3 1/2 hours
LimitationLimited to 45
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking

Departing the quayside, you arrive at Cité de l’énergie, where you begin your tour with a state of the art multimedia show, which will set you off on an entertaining journey under the spell of an ageless shaman. Starting from the spark that ignites the magic of fire, you travel through the gargantuan explosions that rocked the Cosmos, experience the forces unleashed by nature and witness the miracle of life in its many forms. A dazzling energy experience will be brought to you by multimedia technology.

Next you continue to the 115 metre high observation tower, which was once part of a Hydro-Québec transmission tower. During your visit here, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the hydroelectric dams and aluminium plant as well as the surrounding countryside and the Saint Maurice River.

Returning to ground level, you will pass through the exhibition hall, The Ages of Energy. For millennia, mankind’s only sources of energy were fire, wind, water and physical strength. The invention of the steam engine changed things once and for all, while oil and electricity have created a world more dependent upon energy than ever. This dynamic exhibition takes a fresh look at the energy issues that already dominate global headlines.

Following your visit here, you return to the quayside and your awaiting ship.


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: Please note that the majority of your tour will be on foot; however there is a restaurant, souvenir shop and terrace available for those guests who don’t wish to visit the whole site. Lifts are available at the site, however all guests must be able to board the coach unaided.

Old Prison of Trois-Rivi�res, Canada


  • Trace the history of a city that is perpetually evolving.
  • Discover the charming historical district of Trois-Rivières, with its rich history and 18th century architecture
  • Enter the world of life behind bars in the penal system
DurationApproximately 3 hours
LimitationLimited to 40 per departure
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking

The historical district of Trois-Rivières, with its rich and evocative history and its eighteenth century architecture, reveals its charms and the unknown aspects of its urban culture. This heritage tour invites you to walk through the history of the second oldest French city in North America (1634).

Your guided walking tour will take you by the Manoi de Tonnacour, built in 1723 and once a military officer’s barracks. The Manoir is now occupied by the Galerie d’art du parc, a contemporary art exhibition centre. You will also pass through Place D’Armes where much of the early fur trading took place to admire several historic monuments and buildings before arriving at the Cathedral. The Gothic-inspired cathedral, designed by Victor Bourgeau, was opened for workship in 1858 and is adorned with beautiful stained glass windows representing the Litanies of the Virgin.

You will also visit the historic Old Prison of Trois-Rivières where your guide leads the way, giving a first-hand account of life behind bars.  Built in 1822, the prison was designated a historic monument in 1978. Before closing in 1986, Trois-Rivières’ old prison was the oldest functional corrections establishment in Canada.

Your guide will bring your imagination to life as you tour the original cramped cells and terrifying confinement areas with their unbearable musty smells. Entering the Old Prison is much more than just a visit to a historic building; it’s a glimpse into prisoners’ living conditions in the penal system.

At the end of your tour you walk back to the quayside and your awaiting ship.


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: Please note that this is primarily a walking tour with some steps to negotiate at the Cathedral; therefore it is not considered suitable for guests with limited mobility or wheelchair users. The walking tour of Trois-Rivières will last approximately 90 minutes, and there will be around one hour of walking and standing at the prison. Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended. Please note that it is not guaranteed that our tour of the prison will be guided by an ex-convict.

Our Lady of the Cape Shrine, Trois Rivieres, Canada


  • Take a fascinating look at how the clergy and religious communities of Trois-Rivières helped shape the city’s history & culture
  • Discover the monasteries, convents, churches & shrines of the area
  • Visit the magnificent Our Lady of the Cape Shrine
DurationApproximately 3 hours
LimitationLimited to 42 per departure
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking

Departing the quayside, you begin your tour at the Musee des Ursulines. The Ursulines were the first community to become established at Trois-Rivières. Continuing past Saint James Church and the Sacre Coeur Monument, you will make your way to Assomption de Marie Cathedral for an internal visit. The Gothic-styled cathedral opened for worship in 1858 and features stained glass windows created by master glass artist Guido Nincheri as well as one of the largest organs in Quebec with 5, 751 pipes. Additional highlights include the Father Frederic museum and the Manoir des Jesuites.

Next you make your way to the Cap-de-la-Madeleine on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River for a internal visit of the Our Lady of the Cape Sanctuary. With its modern basilica, old sanctuary, impressive stained glass windows and gardens, the shrine to the Virgin Mary is both a spiritual and cultural attraction. Opened in 1720, it is the oldest church in the country to have been completely preserved. Pilgrimages to the shrine began in the early 19th century and in 1984, even Pope Jean-Paul II paid a visit to the shrine.

Following your visit here, you re-board your tour coach for the return drive to the quayside and your awaiting shipDESCRIPTION CORRECT FOR 2015 CANADA CRUISE

Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: This tour involves approximately 40 minutes of walking at the Our Lady of the Cape Sanctuary, and 45 minutes at the Musee des Ursulines and there is a minimal amount of walking during the photo stop at the Cathedral, plus a few steps to negotiate. For reference, toilet facilities are available at the Musee des Ursulines, the Sanctuary and the Cathedral.

La Mauricie National Park, Trois Rivieres


  • Admire the Laurentain Mountain Range
  • Explore La Maurice National Park
  • Enjoy a guided scenic tour of the beautiful Canadian landscapes
DurationApproximately 3 1/2 Hours
LimitationLimited Capacity
Walking level 1 - minimal or no walkingMinimal or no walking

Located in the Laurentian mountain range, La Mauricie National Park is a 536-km2 natural conservation area representing the southern part of the Canadian Shield.

A scenic drive on the Parkway allows you to admire the lakes and landscapes that beautify the territory. The trail ends at Lac-Edouard, where you will learn more about the forest covering 93% of the park’s surface and the more than 150 bodies of water of various sizes and types.

With both an aquatic environment and an abundant and diverse forest, the park provides suitable habitats for a multitude of animal species representative of Eastern Canada’s forests. Over 50 mammal species of all sizes make up a large part of the park’s animal communities.


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: There is approximately 15 minutes of walking which is mainly on even terrain. This tour will go ahead in all types of weather. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Fauna of La Mauricie, Trois Rivieres


  • Stroll through the beautiful La Maurice National Park
  • Discover the amazing flora and fauna that surrounds you
Duration3 1/2 Hours
LimitationLimited Capacity
Walking level 3 - extensive walkingExtensive walking

Located in the Laurentian Mountains, La Mauricie National Park is a natural conservation area covering 536 square kilometer. Its lakes and forests, typical characteristics of the southern part of the Canadian Shield, make it an ideal destination for outdoor activities. For over 40 years, La Mauricie National Park has been providing visitors with memorable recreational and educational experiences allowing them to discover the natural and cultural treasures of Canada’s heritage. This is one of the experiences that the Les Cascades Trail has to offer.

The diversity of this short trail is striking. It runs alongside a cascading stream flanked by conifers, an ideal spot for a refreshing shower. It then crosses a marsh, a tornado-damaged zone, and a mature maple grove. The trail is connected to the longer and more difficult Cliff loop, which leads to the summit of the rocky escarpments of Lake Wapizagonke. Several magnificent views awaits you.


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: The walking trail is approximately 2.1kilometres long and takes approximately 75 minutes to walk (with brief stops for explanations by your guide). This tour will go ahead in all types of weather. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.


Discover how paper is made and the history of the paper industry with this fascinating tour of the C.I.P Paper Mill.

DurationApproximately 3.5 hours
LimitationLimited to 92 per departure

On this cruise tour we will take a journey back in time to discover the birth and development of Canada’s industrial heritage.

We will discover an important chapter in the history of Trois-Rivières, once known as the pulp and paper capital of the world, with a visit to Boréalis, an impressive new centre dedicated to the history of the paper industry. Located in the former water filtration plant of the C.I.P. Paper Mill, an investment of over seven million dollars has transformed the plant into a venue of architectural value with the preservation of many of the original internal mechanisms. Through multimedia presentations and exhibitions, the former lumberjacks, raftsmen and workers tell the story of their travels and work. During our visit, we will also have the opportunity to discover how a paper machine works and experiment with water pumping and filtration systems. Our senses will come alive as we feel the heat radiating from the machines, breathe in the smell of paper and hear the noise of the production process. We can also view the original underground vaults, the former water tower with impressive views over Saint Maurice River, and the huge multimedia fresco where we will learn all about the forest.

Following our visit, we continue to Forges du Saint-Maurice, a National Historic site located on the banks of the Saint Maurice River, which commemorates the birth of the iron-making industry in Canada, as well as the first industrial community in the country. Founded in 1730, the Forges were in use for over 150 years and endured the various forms of government, from the French Regime to the Confederation. During our visit here, we will have an opportunity to turn back the hands of time and experience life from a bygone era as we learn about the rise and development of the iron-making industry.

From here we re-board our cruise tour coach for the return journey to the quayside and our awaiting cruise ship.

CRUISE TOUR NOTES: This cruise tour involves approximately one hour of leisurely walking and standing at Boréalis and approximately one and a half hours at Forges du Saint-Maurice, some of which will be over hilly terrain. To access the Devil’s Fountain at Forges du Saint-Maurice, there is a rocky path to negotiate. Unfortunately this cruise tour is not suitable for wheelchair users.

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