Kavala, Greece

Introduction to Kavala, Greece

Kavala is one of Greece’s most attractive cities.

Spacious squares, contemporary buildings, and shopping centres on the west side form an interesting contrast to the traditional old houses and flagged alleyways of the eastern side. The harbour makes for a particularly pleasant walk with its many brightly coloured moored fishing caiques. Among its impressive landmarks are the old walls and the Byzantine castle.

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Kavala & It's Coast


  • Admire the magnificent aqueduct in Kavala
  • Enjoy the coastal views and pretty village of Nea Peramos


Price£20.00 - £25.00
DurationApproximately 1.5 hours
Walking level 1 - minimal or no walkingMinimal or no walking


Take this picturesque drive from Kavala – seeing the highlights of the town and the beautiful coastal scenery.


Departing from the port of Kavala, you will pass the most important monuments of the town. Part of the walls of the ancient Neapolis are still visible, close to the byzantine castle which stands today. The monument of St Paul stands beside the church of St Nikolaos and the Roman-Turkish aqueduct. This monument, seen across the city, is well preserved. Along the main commercial street, you will pass the Town Hall and the impressive restored buildings which used to belong to rich tobacco merchants of the 19th century.

Leaving the town centre behind, you will then head along the coastline to one of the most picturesque villages in the Kavala area – Nea Peramos. The pretty village sits beside the sea, and below Byzantine Anaktoropolis ruins on the hill above.

The return route to the port will be via the same route.


Is this tour right for you?

IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU?  This is a coach tour, with guests being required to walk to and from the coach only, making it suitable for most. Please note that all participants must be able to get on and off the coach unaided. There are no toilet stops on this tour.


Kavala Town & Tobacco Museum (Tour C)

  • Admire the main highlights of Kavala
  • Understand the importance and the impact tobacco production had on Kavala
  • Learn from the perspective of an ex – employee of a tobacco factory


Price£50.00 - £60.00
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking

Find out about the tobacco industry which led Kavala to thrive in the 19th century, as you explore a fascinating museum dedicated to the trade.

Your tour starts with a short scenic drive to the centre of Kavala, passing by the ancient walls of Neapolis (which was the previous name of Kavala). Next you will pass the neighbourhood of Panagia, the oldest in the town. Then your journey will continue to the best-known monument of Kavala - the aqueduct.

Pass neoclassical mansions and big tobacco warehouses that evoke the memory of a distant past, when the prosperity of the bourgeoisie was dominating the city. In the “Mecca of tobacco” as Kavala was known in the past, thousands of tobacco workers, male and female, earned their living here.

Arriving at the Tobacco Museum you will become acquainted with the history of tobacco cultivation and production in eastern Macedonia. You will learn more later, about working there and life when it was big business in the area.

Your tour continues on foot, passing the Town Hall of Kavala - a building of unique architecture, surrounded by impressive buildings from the 19th century. Through the garden of the Town Hall, you reach the pink tobacco warehouse - an industrial building from the period of the thriving farming of tobacco. Walk through the bustling centre of the city towards the famous aqueduct of Kavala, built during Roman times and re-built during the Ottoman occupation. You will also see the Church of St Nikolaos, built in the same place where St Paul stepped ashore for the first time in Europe, in 49 AD, on his way to preach Christianity.

You will carry on to tavern where you can sample a local alcoholic drink with typical meze (Greek taster). Here, an ex-employee of a tobacco factory will join the group to explain what working in the tobacco factory was like, and the importance it had in Kavala. You will gain a true insight of what it was like, but be sure to ask any questions to get the a truly authentic understanding of what the factory was like. 



Is this tour right for you?

IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU? This tour involves a moderate amount of walking - approximately one and half kilometres throughout the tour. Participants will need to negotiate approximately 15 steps at the tobacco museum. Please note that a large part of this tour is on foot, so please wear suitable walking shoes. The meze will be a small plate of typical Greek food. A bottle of water would be a handy addition to your bag.


Philippi ( Tour A)

  • Visit the most interesting sacred and historical ancient cities of eastern Macedonia
  • Immerse yourself in the history of Philippi
  • Appreciate the antiquity and the story behind the archaeological site


Price£30.00 - £35.00
DurationApproximately 3.45 hours
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking

Kavala, the ancient site known as Neapolis, founded in the 7th century BC, is the very same place where St Paul set foot on the European continent during his second missionary journey, establishing a thriving Christian church in the nearby city of Philippi. The well-known Egnatia Road, which once ran from the Adriatic Durres (Durazzo) City to Constantinople, passed by this city.

You will drive the short distance to view the Aqueduct, which was built by Suleiman the Magnificent. From here, you cross the city, giving the opportunity to view St Silas Monastery, named after one of St Paul’s companions. Next you arrive at the famous city of Philippi - one of the most interesting biblical and historical ancient cities of eastern Macedonia. Once known as Krinides, it was named Philippi after King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great. It is here that Brutus and Cassius were defeated by Mark Anthony and Octavian Augustus, thereby granting the city a number of privileges.

Philippi is an important site amongst pilgrims, as St Paul visited the city during his missionary journeys. Upon arrival at the archaeological site, you will commence a guided walking tour through the excavations. View the Roman Forum – the administrative centre of Philippi – the walls, two Basilicas and the Theatre. Your guide will also point out the remains of the prison where St Paul and St Silas were once held.

After a visit to the archaeological site of Philippi, you drive to St Lydia’s Baptistery where Lydia – the first European convert – was baptised by St Paul. Here you can view the ruins of the Baptistery, the river, which was the original place for baptisms, and the amphitheatre. 


Is this tour right for you?


IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU?  This tour involves a moderate amount of walking. There will be approximately one and a half hours of walking at Philippi, over rough, uneven and hilly ground, plus around 60 steps to negotiate, and 30 minutes of walking at St Lydia’s Baptistery. Unfortunately it is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or wheelchair users. For those guests not wishing to take part in the guided walk at Philippi, it is possible to remain at the coffee shop (refreshments not included here), however to get full enjoyment from this tour, it is not recommended. A comfort stop will be made – with toilet facilities, and refreshments available to purchase should you so wish. A bottle of water would be a handy addition to your bag. The order of the tour may be different to that shown.


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