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Introduction to Dikili, Turkey

The colourful port of Dikili is the gateway for Pergamum.

Located on Turkey's north Aegean coast around 75 miles north of Izmir, the delightful town of Dikili is spread across a picturesque bay offering dark sand beaches and fantastic views of the Greek island of Lesbos. A rapidly growing town, Dikili is becoming an ever more popular holiday spot and within the town you'll find a number of pretty cobbled streets lined with great restaurants, bars and shops.

Surrounding the town there are an abundance of beauty spots and historic areas to discover. The crater lake at the village of Merdivenli is well worth making the effort to visit to capture fantastic photos, while the local hot springs and mud baths are the perfect place to relax and while away the hours. Nearby, the impressive Merkez Mosque is also worth a look, as it's one of the rarest and finest examples of wooden construction in the area. 

Dikili also serves as a gateway to the stunning restored ruins at Bergema (formerly Pergamum) which was once the capital of the Pergamum Empire in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. Here you will discover incredible archaeological ruins with almost every turn as you wander through the historic centre, including the ruins of a number of temples, theatres and even libraries.

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Izmir City Tour, Izmir City Tour


  • Explore the main sights of Izmir, a city built on the coast of the Aegean Sea
  • Savour impressive views of the city
  • Browse for souvenirs at the Kizlaragasi Hani Caravansei
DurationApproximately 5 1/2 Hours
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking
Free time includedFree time included
Shopping time includedShopping time included

Izmir is the third most populous city in Turkey, and the country’s largest port after Istanbul. Located on the Aegean Sea, it is the ancient and medieval city of Smyrna. Spend time taking in the many highlights of the city on this insightful tour.

Begin with a journey to Asansör, also known as the Elevator. Built in 1907 by Nesim Levi, the Asansör is one of the principal landmarks of Izmir. It used to work by a water-driven mechanism, but was later restored and is now powered by electricity. The elevator offers an impressive view over the city and the bay.

From here, you continue to Agora, the celebrated marketplace of old Smyrna located at the foothills of the Pagos hills. The agora is believed to have been built during the reign of Alexandra the Great. Destroyed by an earthquake in 178 AD, it was rebuilt by Faustina, the wife of Marcus Aurelius. Turkish and German archaeologists excavated the site between 1932 and 1941, and the Agora has now been arranged into the Open Air Museum of Izmir. During your visit, you can view the architectural remains of the ancient shops.

Your final stop is at Kizlaragasi Hani, a caravanserai built by Haci Beşir Ağa in 1744. The typical Ottoman inn is an impressive construction with a 4,000 square metre courtyard and a roof covered completely with lead. Originally an inn for travellers from the East carrying silk and spices, today the caravanserai shelters stalls selling souvenirs, handicrafts and carpets.

You will be able to browse the stalls prior to the return journey to Dikili and your awaiting ship. 


Is this tour right for you?

IS THIR TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU? This tour involves a moderate amount of walking, and there may be some steps to negotiate. Unfortunately it is not considered suitable for wheelchair users. Places of interest may be visited in a different order to that described. Please note that the transfer time to Izmir is approximately two hours.


Pergamon, Dikili, Turkey


  • Discover the archaeological site of Pergamon and its museum.
DurationApproximately 5 Hours
Walking level 3 - extensive walkingExtensive walking
Snack includedSnack included

Depart from the quayside to enjoy a short but interesting drive through Dikili, a small picturesque fishing town surrounded by rolling hills. Pass by cotton and tobacco fields before arriving at Bergama and the ruins of Pergamon.

Located on a promontory on the north side of the River Caicus, Pergamon is one of the finest archaeological sites in Turkey. The city became an important kingdom during the Hellenistic period, under the Attalid dynasty between 282 and 129 BC, and was the capital of the Pergamon Empire under Philaterus in 280 BC, when it governed most of western and central Asia Minor. The Attalids ruled here, and remodelled the Acropolis of Pergamum after the Acropolis in Athens.

Begin your visit to the Acropolis, where the ruins of the Altar of Zeus can still be seen today – much of the structure and many of the friezes however were transferred to Berlin’s Pergamon Museum. The Acropolis is situated high above the plain and boasts unique panoramic views. It is believed that the very narrow and steep theatre, located on the hillside, could have seated up to 10,000 people. During your visit, you will be able to see the remains of library, which was built in 198 BC and once contained 200,000 handwritten books, making it one of the most important in the ancient world. You can also admire remains of the Temples of Trajan and Dionysos, the Sanctuary of Demeter, the gymnasium and the remains of the upper and lower agora.

You will also visit the Archaeological Museum of Pergamon before pausing for lunch at a local restaurant. Feeling refreshed, you begin your journey back to your awaiting ship in Dikili.


Is this tour right for you?

IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU? This tour involves approximately three hours of walking over rough and uneven terrain including many steps. We recommend that you wear comfortable, non-slip shoes. Lunch will be buffet style served with water.


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