Corner Brook, Canada

Introduction to Corner Brook

Steeped in a rich history, Corner Brook has lots of historic sights and attractions, including the Captain James Cook Monument. Its downtown area is a maze of interlocking brick sidewalks, open green spaces and lots of shops, galleries and restaurants.

The City of Corner Brook is a historic Canadian city, located on the west coast of Newfoundland. A city of great national importance, Corner Brook is lauded for its fishing, railway and paper industries. This of course means that there are plenty of historic sights and attractions to enjoy, including the Captain James Cook Monument, one of Canada’s National Historic Sites.

In the town centre, you will find all the modern creature comforts you would expect to find in a Canadian city. There are many shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries and places to meet locals, so there is never a dull day. If you are feeling adventurous, there are plenty of outdoor pursuits to try, with Marble Mountain Ski Resort on the doorstep and gorgeous terrain to explore.

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Captain Cooks Trail, Corner Brook



  • Follow the scenic rugged coastline first explored by Captain Cook
  • Visit Captain Cook’s Lookout – a National Historic Monument
  • Enjoy traditional Newfoundland refreshments in a charming local communi
Price£40.00 - £50.00
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking
Refreshments includedRefreshments included

Before Captain Cook went on to discover New Zealand, Australia and Hawaii, the famous explorer learned his skills as a navigator and captain in Newfoundland. The route taken on this tour follows the scenic rugged coastline which was first explored by Cook over 230 years ago, and includes delightful fishing villages inhabited by people of English, Irish, French and Aboriginal descent. Discover the rugged coastal scenery and fishing communities, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for seals and other wildlife.

The route you will follow is called Captain Cook’s Trail in the Bay of Islands, which is the name Cook gave the area.  Enjoy a view of your ship docked in Corner Brook Harbour from Captain Cook's Lookout, a National Historic Monument. This panoramic lookout also has information about Cook and allows you to admire the region’s coastal scenery, trees, and wild flowers.

Included in this tour is a stop in friendly Lark Harbour for refreshments. Lark Harbour, a community nestling between mountains and ocean, was named after one of Captain Cook’s ships, HMS Lark. Refreshed, your return journey will also provide views from your coach of the lovely beach and sea cliffs of Bottle Cove.



Is this tour right for you?

IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU? At Captain Cook’s Lookout there is a walk of approximately 60 metres (200 feet) over uneven ground and ten steps to negotiate. This tour is not recommended for guests using wheelchairs, as there is walking over uneven ground in areas that are not wheelchair accessible. We cannot guarantee the presence of any wildlife.

Corner Brook Panoramic Tour


  • Discover the rugged, fjord like surroundings of Corner Brook
  • Marvel at this beautiful setting, nestled between mountains and ocean
  • Have your camera to hand to capture your picturesque surroundings
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking

The largest city on Newfoundland’s west coast, Corner Brook nestles between mountains and ocean. The rugged, fjord-like approaches to Corner Brook – located 40 kilometres (25 miles) inland from the open waters of the Gulf of St Lawrence – provide a beautiful setting for the landfall.

At Captain Cook’s Lookout, you can enjoy a dramatic view over the scenic Bay of Islands. Soak up views of Corner Brook’s parks and vistas, learn about this picturesque logging town which is perched on the mouth of one of the world’s great salmon rivers, hear tales of 40-pound salmon and the buried treasure of Shellbird Island, and gain an understanding of the many wonders of western Newfoundland. Your guide will talk about the great explorer Captain Cook, and North America’s first European visitors – the Vikings.

As well as at Captain Cook’s Lookout, stops will also be made at other sites including the Old Man in the Mountain – a natural rock formation resembling the face of an old man overlooking a famous pirate site and Marble Mountain. A stop will also be made at Margaret Bowater Park – a signature area of landscape of the city of Corner Brook.


Is this tour right for you?

IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU? School buses will be used for this tour. At Captain Cook’s Lookout there is a walk of approximately 100 metres (328 feet) over uneven gravel, pavement and woodland trail, and ten steps to negotiate. At the Old Man in the Mountain there is a walk of approximately 20 metres (65 feet), as well as 40 metres (130 feet) at Marble Mountain over gravel pathways and 200 metres (656 feet) at Margaret Bowater Park over gravel paths and sloped walkways.

Gros Morne National Park, Corner Brook


  • Discover how Gros Morne revealed important secrets about how our earth works
  • Marvel at the stunning Newfoundland countryside
  • Enjoy a traditional local lunch
Price£70.00 - £90.00
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking
Snack includedSnack included
Refreshments includedRefreshments included
Free time includedFree time included

Due to its glacier-sculpted landscape, remarkable geology and the evidence it provided to support the theory of continental drift, UNESCO declared Gros Morne National Park a World Heritage Site in 1987. This largely uninhabited wilderness area is full of spectacular landscapes, boasting a rich variety of scenery and great natural beauty.

Your journey from Corner Brook will take approximately one-and-three-quarter hours, following the Humber River past Marble Mountain and Deer Lake. Photo stops will be made at scenic lookouts en route and if wildlife such as moose or caribou are spotted.

Your first visit will be to Lobster Cove Lighthouse. This beautiful lighthouse has marked the approach to Rocky Harbour and the entrance of Bonne Bay since 1897. The old light keeper’s house is home to an interpretive exhibit which will introduce you to the first inhabitants of North America and the history of the local communities, as well as some famous shipwrecks.

You will then re-board your coach for a short ride to the Gros Morne Visitor Centre. Here you can learn about the geological significance of the park which is hailed as the ‘Galapagos of Geology’. Looking out from the Visitors Centre, you can view Gros Morne Mountain with its 794 metres (2,644 foot high) summit, a chaos of frost shattered rock.

Back onboard your coach, you will find it hard to miss the spectacular Long Range Mountains. Rising abruptly from the lowland, these mountains dominate the rugged and sparsely populated land. Covered in stunted arctic-alpine plants and wind-dwarfed trees, the area is home to caribou, arctic hare and rock ptarmigan. To the south west spread the desolate Tablelands, a high plateau that forms one of the world’s best examples of rock exposed from the earth’s interior. The surface of Mars shares this same mineralogy. Two ancient eras of mountain building created an escalator like effect carrying huge chunks of the earth’s mantle to the surface of the earth. Our planet’s mountains, oceans and land masses all rest on the earth’s crust. The crust rests on the earth’s mantle. While two humans have journeyed to the bottom of the ocean, no one has ever travelled to the earth’s mantle. Gros Morne is one of the few places where mantle material has been brought to the earth’s surface. 

During a break from touring, a wholesome lunch featuring local flavours will be served at one of the area’s best restaurants.

Feeling refreshed, you will then be treated to a scenic visit to discover the park’s unique geology first-hand and learn why Gros Morne National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Before returning to your ship in Corner Brook and having relished the stunning open spaces and ruggedness of the area, you will be invited to sample wines made from local subarctic berries.


Is this tour right for you?

IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU?  At the Gros Morne Visitor Centre there will be approximately 30 minutes of walking/standing. At Lobster Cove Lighthouse there is a walk of approximately 500 metres (1,640 feet) over uneven terrain. There will be 100 metres (330 feet) of walking at the park visit and 50 metres (164 feet) at the Visitors Centre. This tour is not recommended for guest using wheelchairs, due to the rough ground encountered; there will also be 20 steps to negotiate at the lunch venue. Over four hours of this tour will be spent on the coach. A light lunch is included (a seafood sampler with salad, a local berry dessert, one soft drink, tea/coffee – subject to change). Wine and beer can be purchased locally. It is advisable to wear/take warm clothing, including a jacket.

Humber River Cruise, Corner Brook


  • Explore one of the world’s great salmon rivers. 
  • Hear tales of trophy fish and famous visitors to this impressive river highway.
Boat Tour
Price£60.00 - £70.00
Walking level 1 - minimal or no walkingMinimal or no walking

Your river adventure starts at Steady Brook where you leave your school bus and walk the small trail down to the river bank.  The trail features a dozen steps and ends at the well secured floating dock where you board the 30 passenger Humber River Adventurer I. 

During your 100 minute river voyage you’ll enjoy the dramatic mountains and forests of western Newfoundland whilst hearing tales of pirates, explorers, and salmon enthusiasts including the likes of Queen Elizabeth II and the Kennedys. Learn about the small city and the countryside of Newfoundland during this scenic but gentle water adventure.

Back on your coach you will also take time to explore Captain Cook’s Lookout before returning to your awaiting ship.


Is this tour right for you?

TOUR NOTES: There is a steep slope to board your river cruiser over uneven grassy ground and wooden steps. The boat is covered with open side. It is advisable to wear/take warm clothing, including a jacket. There are no toilets onboard the cruiser. Life jackets are available.

Cox Cover, Corner Brook


  • Experience a visit to Cox’s Cove – a coastal fishing community in the beautiful Bay of Islands. 
  • Learn about the people and history of this coastline 
Price£50.00 - £65.00
Walking level 2 - moderate walkingModerate walking
Snack includedSnack included
Free time includedFree time included
Shopping time includedShopping time included

For 500 years people of European ancestry have fished the waters of the Bay of Islands, and the history of the region’s Indians goes back even further. On this tour you can visit a modern fish plant and learn how coastal life has changed over the centuries.  Sample the local flavours of the land and sea and explore the social fabric of the region.  Learn about the resettlement of isolated communities and listen to live musical traditions that tell stories of earlier times. 

Enjoy a demonstration of local dance by local folks whilst enjoying a light lunch sampling the local food including partridgeberry, blueberry and bakeberry and delicacies from the sea.  Admire the area’s highlights and take some time to wander and photograph the colourful community dock with its fishing boats.

This scenic and cultural adventure introduces you to Newfoundlanders – distinctive and fun people of the sea.


Is this tour right for you?

IS THIS TOUR RIGHT FOR YOU? There is approximately one kilometre of walking involved with this tour some of which is over uneven ground. There are approximately ten steps to negotiate. We do not recommend this tour to wheelchair guests. It is advisable to wear/take warm clothing, including a jacket. At lunch, drinks will be available to purchase locally. Should the fish plant be closed at short notice, an alternative itinerary will be put in place including possible stops at the Man in the Mountain, Marble Mountain Ski Hill and Captain Cook’s Lookout.

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