Cruising Stromboli

Introduction to Cruising Stromboli

Stromboli may be one of the smallest of Italy's Aeolian Islands, but it's also the archipelago's most captivating; an island famed for its dramatic scenery and violent volcanic eruptions. 

The Aeolian archipelago is a collection of eight volcanic islands situated just north of Sicily. Stromboli Island is one of the smallest Aeolian Islands, but arguably the most famous thanks to its intense volcanic activity.

Considered one of the Europe's most active volcanos after Mount Etna, Stromboli – also known as the 'Lighthouse of the Mediterranean – has been erupting for over 2000 years and almost non-stop since 1932. The island's eruptions are spectacular and so distinctive that geologists use the word 'Strombolian' to describe similar eruptions at other volcanos around the world. 

Cruising by Stromboli is always a memorable experience and from the comfort and safety of your ship's decks you'll take in unforgettable views of the island and its stunning landscapes moulded by unstoppable molten rock and lava flows. Look out for island's famous black sand beaches and tiny inhabited settlements dotted along the lower slopes of the cone-shaped island; and be sure to have your camera to hand to capture any volcanic activity you may be lucky to enough witness as you sail by.

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