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Deck Plans

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Click here to download a PDF version of Boudicca’s deck plans for your reference.

SUITES (with balcony/terrace balcony, refrigerator, mini-bar & Suite Dreams benefits*)
PS Premier Suite PS Premier Suite - Marquee Deck - Approx 550 sq ft
MS Marquee Suite 
MS Marquee Suite - Marquee Deck - Approx 440 sq ft
SS Superior Suite 
SS Superior Suite - Marquee & Bridge Decks - Approx 260 sq ft
BS Balcony Suite BS Balcony Suite - Bridge Deck - Approx 220 sq ft
TS Terrace Balcony Suites 
TS Terrace Balcony Suite - Lido Deck - Approx 260 sq ft
JB Single Balcony Suite 
JB Single Balcony Suite - Bridge Deck - Approx 150 sq ft

SUITES (with picture window, refrigerator & mini-bar)
DS Superior Junior Suite 
DS Superior Junior Suite - Lido & Main Decks - Approx 260 sq ft
JS Junior Suites JS Junior Suite - Main Deck - Approx 240 sq ft

BC Balcony Room BC Balcony Rooms - Bridge Deck - Approx 160 sq ft
TC Terrace Balcony Cabin 
TC Terrace Balcony Room - Lido Deck - Approx 200 sq ft
Wheelchair adapted rooms available
J Single Superior Ocean View 
J Single Superior Balcony - Bridge Deck - Approx 150 sq ft

A Superior Ocean View A Superior Ocean View - Lido Deck - Approx 200 sq ft
B Superior Ocean View 
B Superior Ocean View - Main Deck - Approx 160 sq ft
C Superior Ocean View 
C Superior Ocean View - Main Deck - Approx 160 sq ft

D Ocean View 
D Ocean View - Atlantic Deck - Approx 160 sq ft
E Ocean View 
E Ocean View - Atlantic & Marina Decks - Approx 160 sq ft
F Ocean View 
F Ocean View - Marina Deck - Approx 160 sq ft
K Single Ocean View 
K Single Ocean View - Main & Atlantic Decks - Approx 150 sq ft
Rooms 5012 & 5021 have a picture window)
L Single Ocean View 
L Single Ocean View - Atlantic Deck - Approx 150 sq ft

H Interior Room 
H Interior Room - Atlantic Deck - Approx 140 sq ft
I Interior Room 
I Interior Room - Marina Deck - Approx 140 sq ft
M Single Superior Interior 
M Single Interior Room - Main Deck - Approx 140 sq ft
N Single Interior Room N Single Interior Room - Atlantic Deck - Approx 140 sq ft

*Facilities (including room layout) vary by Suite type; please check on booking. Suite Dreams benefits are not available on Party Nights. Suite Dreams benefits apply to guests in the following grades: Owners’ Suites (OW); Premier (PS); Marquee (MS); Superior (SS); Balcony (BS); Terrace Balcony (TS); and Single (JB). Please note that the following grades, among others, are excluded from this offer: Superior Junior (DS); Balcony Junior (BJ); and Junior (JS).






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