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Fred. Olsen Shore Tours

With a wealth of attractions in every destination, an organised tour will help you make the most of your time in port! To ensure you do not miss out on a single experience when it comes to exploring and enjoying the destinations visited, we suggest a little planning in advance. There is an exciting collection of tours for you to choose from.

Booking your Shore Tours

Once you have booked your cruise holiday you can begin your search for the perfect shore tour to make your cruise even more memorable. Fred. Olsen provide a range of excursions in each port of call offering a variety of activities and interests.

Begin searching for your Shore Tours now by visiting the Manage My Cruises section of our website.

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Great reasons to book a tour

Making the most of your time ashore

A wide range of tours suit all interests and tastes, from gentle panoramic sightseeing tours to energetic adventure tours! If you would like to try something different which is not listed in this programme, please do not hesitate to contact our Shore Tour department on 01473 746163 to discuss your requirements (Mon – Fri 09:00 – 17:00hrs). We will liaise with the local tour provider on your behalf. Where possible entrance tickets this purchased in advance, so you do not lose valuable time queuing. The local tour providers also look to negotiate special opening times when required, so you can visit those important attractions that may be typically closed on certain days.

You can relax whilst we make it happen

Booking a tour through Fred. Olsen means you can be certain that guides and transportation will be waiting for you on the quayside, allowing you to make the most of your time in the destination. In the event your tour is delayed in returning to the port, our ship will still be waiting for you.

Although cruise itineraries are planned in advance some unforeseen circumstances can sometimes result in an itinerary change. Rest assured that if this should occur we will refund any pre-booked tours that you miss and the tour provider will endeavour to put a new programme of activities in place for the revised port of call, ensuring you still enjoy your cruise.

Planning with you in mind

Detailed descriptions for each tour allows you to judge if the tour is right for you before you decide to book, and with a variety of tours on offer, you are sure to find something of interest, whether you are travelling alone or with others.

By pre-booking your tours before you set sail, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are booked on the tours of your choice, allowing you more time to relax and soak up the atmosphere onboard.

Shore Tours Terms & Conditions

Shore Tours Terms & Conditions

All tickets are issued by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Limited as retail agents for the Local Tour Provider (LTP) whose services are provided in connection with Shore Tours.
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines Limited will not under any circumstances be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay, inconvenience or irregularity caused by the acts or defaults of the Local Tour Providers or their sub-contractors.

All prices supplied by the Local Tour Provider are based on operating costs, tariffs and rates of exchange at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. If a tour is withdrawn, any payment will be returned to the guest concerned, and all liability and obligation in connection with the Local Tour Provider shall thereupon cease. The itinerary of any Shore Tour may be modified at the discretion of the providers of the tour, who also have the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of any party at any time. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this tour guide, no responsibility can be accepted by Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for omissions or errors. 

Please Note: If you have booked your cruise holiday via a Tour Operator, they are acting as principle for the whole holiday package.


The Tours Office is situated near the Reception Desk on Main Deck. Please check the notice board and the Daily Times for opening times and booking deadlines. More information about our ports of call and the tours will be given in the port talks onboard.
Please note the following important points:

ALL tours: Regrettably, unless able to board and alight a vehicle unassisted, it will not be possible for guests to participate in the organised shore tours.
ALL tours are subject to a minimum and maximum number of guests, as agreed by the Local Tour Provider.
ALL duration times and itineraries in this brochure are subject to change. Duration times are purely included as a guideline, the Local Tour Provider cannot be held responsible for variations in the tour durations, due to matters beyond their control such as traffic, road works and congestion at destinations visited. Departure times are marked on your tickets however they are subject to change. Please bear this in mind and check your Daily Times for the most up-to-date tour timings. You will need to meet in a designated place approximately 15 minutes before departure, 30 minutes should it be a tender port.
PRICES: The prices shown include the tour as described, meals and drinks where
indicated, entrance fees and guides; gratuities are at your own discretion. Children under 3 years – FREE (if not occupying a seat); 3 to 12 years – child’s price as specified. Children and youths under the age of 16 years should be accompanied by an adult. Please note that on some tours it may be possible to remain in town after the tour has concluded; any guests choosing to do this are responsible for making their own travel arrangements back to the ship (this includes any additional expenses occurred).
REFUNDS: We regret that we are unable to refund the cost of tours that are cancelled by guests after tour bookings close - please see the ship’s Tour Office for further details regarding the cancellation deadline applicable to each tour. While no cancellation fee will be charged for bookings that are cancelled prior to sailing (with the exception of those specified), all onboard cancellations are subject to a 10% cancellation fee. All Overland Tours are subject to cancellation fees imposed upon us by the local Tour Providers and/or Transport Providers - should you wish to cancel an Overland Tour please contact the Tours Department for details of the charges. Should the conduct of one or more guests’ result in the loss of enjoyment of a tour by others, the local tour provider reserves the right to ask those concerned to leave the group. In these circumstances, a refund will not be made. This may also cause FOCL to exclude you from future tours. Flora and fauna can be unpredictable and dependent upon the season, therefore the Local Tour Providers are unable to guarantee sightings, or refund tickets should a sighting not occur. Similarly the Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon, and there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be seen.
DISABLED GUESTS (mobility impaired): Regrettably, unless able to board and alight a vehicle unassisted, it will not be possible for wheelchair-using guests to participate in the organised shore tours. This includes those tours with minimal walking involved. If guests require the occasional use of a wheelchair, we would appreciate advice of this. Wheelchairs may not be permitted on certain vehicles, particularly in the case of boats, small aircraft and coasters based on many Caribbean islands. Unfortunately venues often have restricted access; do feel free to contact us for advice.
DRESS: Please remember that other countries and cultures may have different dress codes from us, for example, guests wearing shorts or sleeveless tops may not be admitted when visiting places of worship. It is advisable not to walk around town in swimwear. Wear comfortable shoes such as trainers. If a tour includes an opportunity to swim, we recommend that you come already dressed in your swimming costume, under your clothes. Don’t forget a towel!
TRANSPORT: While standards of transport vary considerably around the world, please be assured that the tours detailed in this book utilise the best quality transportation possible in each port; air-conditioned vehicles are not always available. Minibuses are frequently used in many ports, and taxis may also carry tour passengers. This is often due to the power of the local taxi associations, who refuse to allow buses to transfer all tour participants. We would like to point out that although taxi prices may appear to be cheaper than the organised tours, we would ask you to consider the fact that admission prices will be in addition to the fare, the driver is not a qualified guide and may not be able to speak fluent English and, in the unfortunate event of an accident, the vehicle may not be insured (which could affect your own insurance). If you do wish to catch a local taxi, we recommend that you agree a price before setting off. For the benefit of others, we
kindly request that all guests refrain from smoking in any mode of transportation. Please note that, occasionally, tour transport such as boats and trains may not be exclusive to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines guests.
WALKING: We endeavour to highlight tours that involve a considerable amount of walking, but we ask you to bear in mind the fact that some tours will, by necessity, involve some walking, including some city tours, due to the pedestrianisation of some city centres. Only where specifically stated do tours NOT have any walking involved in them. Please note that you may be required to walk a distance from the ship to the departure point of the coaches/boats. This is now a more common occurrence since the implementation of the ISPS Code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code), on 1st July 2004. Many port authorities no longer allow tour transport to come straight on to the quayside. Unfortunately, we are unable to confirm the distance you may be required to walk, as this can be dependent upon the berth we are given on the day of our call. Please bear in mind that on your chosen tour you will be travelling in a group, and the success of the tour relies on all participants being able to maintain a certain pace in order to complete the itinerary. Tours made by boat will often require participants to have a certain amount of agility, to ‘jump’ in and out or walk along a narrow gangplank.
ACTIVITY TOURS: Tours that include snorkelling, kayaking, horse riding and so on are generally suitable for guests with varying degrees of experience, however, you may feel more comfortable participating with at least a basic knowledge. If you require assistance on the tour, do not hesitate to ask the guide for their help. Before participating in some tours it can be a local requirement that an insurance waiver (or Disclaimer) must be signed. FOCL will endeavour to clarify exactly which tours these are before you depart the ship. You should always read any such waiver very carefully before signing, as in doing so you are declaring that you have been made aware of some of the potential risks involved with the activity and that you consider yourself fit enough to take part. By signing any waiver you will be indemnifying the Local Tour Provider from certain reasoned liabilities, with the document valid to local legal proceedings.
​SPECIAL REQUESTS: If there is an activity which doesn’t appear in this brochure but one you’d like to participate in, we would be happy to investigate the possibility for you through our Local Tour Provider. A handling fee will be charged for this service. If you wish to scuba dive, we suggest that you contact the local tourist office in advance of the cruise, or a recognised PADI/NAUI dive centre.
FACILITIES: Bathroom stops, where possible, are incorporated into the tour itineraries, and the best available facilities are used. However, please note that not all transportation may have provision for a toilet. In some countries it is usual to make a nominal charge for the use of toilets.
​TOUR ITINERARIES: Subject to traffic conditions and at the discretion of the Local Tour Provider, places of interest may be visited in a different order from that shown in the tour description. Sometimes tour content may be omitted due to local conditions beyond the Local Tour Providers control.
FOOD: If you are taking a full-day tour that includes lunch, and you have special dietary requirements, please inform our Shore Tour Staff at the time of booking. Our Local Tour Provider will do their best to accommodate your needs, taking into consideration any restrictions of the country and/or culture visited. Meals may be presented as a buffet or as a set 2- or 3-course (unless a boxed lunch is specified).
WEATHER: We are frequently asked what weather conditions can be expected in the ports of call visited. Unfortunately, much as we may wish, we cannot guarantee sunshine, so we advise you to be prepared for any eventuality. Some tours may be subject to late cancellation due to local weather conditions.
SHOPPING: Shopping opportunities may be limited if the day of our call falls on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday. If you intend to buy souvenirs ashore, it is advisable to be aware of current exchange rates, so that you can make sure you are not paying too much for items. We cannot recommend how much currency to take, but we would ask you to consider what purchases you are thinking of making before going ashore. Have some local currency to hand in case you might need a drink or a snack (or visit the toilet – as in some countries this is the norm). Remember that what appears to be a bargain isn’t always so. Please be warned that the quality of goods is sometimes less than we would expect, for example, in the case of DVD recordings. Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines assumes no responsibility or liability for the quality or delivery of any goods purchased while participating in a shore tour; any merchandise or services purchased ashore are solely between guest and vendor. Please familiarise yourself with Customs’ Regulations, which stipulate, for instance, that it is illegal to bring items such as animal furs and skins back into the United Kingdom.
PHOTOGRAPHY: In some venues, the use of cameras, flash photography or video cameras is prohibited, or a charge may be levied. Where known, this is highlighted in the tour description.
INSURANCE: Please ensure that your personal holiday insurance policies will cover you to participate in any of the tours you may wish to take (including activity tours).
​YOUR SAFETY: When visiting many ports and cities around the world, we encourage you to take some precautions when leaving the ship for organised or independent tours. For example:
​1. If you are on an organised tour, which includes free time, please ensure you know the agreed meeting point and time.
2. Do not walk alone on streets, particularly at night.
3. Walk only in well-lit areas and avoid obscure alleys.
4. Do not invite attention by wearing exposed jewellery or watches.
5. When taking taxis, use only those that are clearly marked as taxis.
6. Keep your valuables, including travel documents, safely stored onboard ship.
​7. Check, when getting on and off any form of transport, that you have all your personal belongings with you. Never leave your belongings unattended.
8. Don’t accept packages from strangers.
9. Be careful when eating and drinking ashore.
10. Avoid off the beaten track locations if exploring independently (such as deserted beaches).

Please don’t hesitate to ask our Tours Staff if you have any questions or queries.

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