Cruise Disembarkation Times

Disembarkation in the UK at the end of your cruise is generally after breakfast on the last morning, and is completed by 0930hrs. However, we understand that you need to arrange onward transport, or let family and friends know when to pick you up; so please locate your ship, cruise number and arrival date below for the approximate time you will disembark your cruise ship.

Please note that times shown are approximate and are subject to change without notice.

(Note: The disembarkation times shown are the approximate starting times for the disembarkation process to commence. Disembarkation is a staggered process and can take up to two hours to complete, so please allow a suitable length of time for booking onward travel connections).

Balmoral 2018 - 

Cruise No.Disembarkation DateDisembarkation PortApprox. Disembarkation Time
L180120th JanuarySouthampton07:30
L180223rd JanuarySouthampton08:00
L180310th MarchSouthampton07:30
L180424th MarchSouthampton07:30
L18053rd AprilSouthampton07:30
L180620th AprilSouthampton07:30
L180725th AprilSouthampton06:00
L18083rd MayNewcastle07:30
L18098th May Newcastle07:30
L181015th MayNewcastle08:30
L181116th MayRosyth07:30
L181226th MayRosyth07:30
L181331st MayRosyth07:30
L18149th JuneRosyth07:30
L181523rd JuneRosyth07:30
L181630th JuneRosyth07:30
L18177th JulyRosyth07:30
L181812th JulyRosyth08:30
L181921st JulyRosyth07:30
L182022nd JulyNewcastle07:30
L182129th JulyNewcastle07:30
L18225th AugustNewcastle07:30
L182312th AugustNewcastle07:30
L182423rd AugustNewcastle07:30
L182528th AugustNewcastle07:30
L18262nd SeptemberNewcastle07:30
L182916th SeptemberNewcastle07:30
L183025th SeptemberNewcastle07:30
L18316th OctoberNewcastle07:30
L183219th OctoberNewcastle07:30
L183328th OctoberNewcastle06:30
L183412th NovemberSouthampton07:30
L183524th NovemberSouthampton07:30
L18368th DecemberSouthampton07:30
L183713th DecemberSouthampton08:00
L183821st DecemberSouthampton07:30
L18395th January 2019Southampton07:30

Braemar 2018 - 

Cruise No.Disembarkation DateDisembarkation PortApprox. Disembarkation Time
M18021st FebruaryBarbados*Disembarked by 09:00
M180315th FebruaryBarbados*Disembarked by 09:00
M180428th FebruaryBarbados*Disembarked by 09:00
M180517th MarchSouthampton07:30
M180631st MarchSouthampton07:30
M18076th AprilSouthampton07:30
M180814th AprilSouthampton07:30
M180928th AprilSouthampton07:30
M18106th MaySouthampton07:30
M181116th MaySouthampton07:30
M181224th MaySouthampton08:00
M181329th MaySouthampton07:30
M181412th JuneSouthampton07:30
M181528th JuneSouthampton07:30
M18166th JulySouthampton07:30
M181722nd JulySouthampton07:30
M18184th AugustSouthampton07:30
M181912th AugustSouthampton08:00
M182023rd AugustSouthampton07:30
M182131st AugustSouthampton07:30
M182214th SeptemberSouthampton07:30
M182328th SeptemberSouthampton07:30
M18242nd OctoberSouthampton07:30
M182525th OctoberSouthampton07:30
M18263rd NovemberSouthampton07:30
M18278th NovemberSouthampton07:30
M182815th NovemberSouthampton07:30
M18293rd DecemberSouthampton07:30
M183020th DecemberBarbados*Disembarked by 09:00
M18313rd January 2019Barbados*Disembarked by 09:00

*Note - this is for independent guests only.

Boudicca 2018 - 

Cruise No.Disembarkation DateDisembarkation PortApprox. Disembarkation Time
D180125th JanuaryCape Town*Disembarked by 09:00
D18028th FebruaryCape Town*Disembarked by 09:00
D1803A1st MarchSanta Cruz, Tenerife*Disembarked by 09:00
D1803B8th MarchMalaga*Disembarked by 09:00
D1803C15th MarchSouthampton07:30
D18043rd AprilDover07:30
D180513th AprilDover07:30
D180628th AprilDover07:30
D18075th MayDover07:30
D180821st MayDover07:30
D180930th MayDover07:30
D181021st JuneDover07:30
D181130th JuneDover07:30
D181213th JulyDover07:30
D181320th JulyDover08:30
D181430th JulyDover07:30
D18158th AugustDover07:30
D181624th AugustDover08:00
D181729th AugustDover08:00
D18185th SeptemberDover08:30
D181920th SeptemberAqaba, Jordan*Disembarked by 09:00
D18204th OctoberAbi Dhabi*Disembarked by 09:00
D182118th October Colombo, Sri Lanka*Disembarked by 09:00
D18221st NovemberMauritius*Disembarked by 09:00
D182315th NovemberMauritius*Disembarked by 09:00
D182429th  NovemberMauritius*Disembarked by 09:00
D182513th DecemberMauritius*Disembarked by 09:00
D182627th DecemberMauritius*Disembarked by 09:00
D182710th January 2019Colombo, Sri Lanka*Disembarked by 09:00

*Note - this is for independent guests only.

Black Watch 2018 - 

Cruise No.Disembarkation DateDisembarkation PortApprox. Disembarkation Time

(World Cruise)    

24th AprilSouthampton07:30
W180229th JanuaryCallao, Peru*Disembarked by 09:00
W180327th FebruarySydney, Australia*Disembarked by 09:00
W180417th MarchPort Klang, Malaysia*Disembarked by 08:30
W180524th AprilSouthampton07:30
W180626th AprilLiverpool07:30
W18074th MayLiverpool07:30
W180818th MayLiverpool08:00
W18093rd JuneLiverpool07:30
W181011th JuneLiverpool07:30
W181118th JuneLiverpool08:00
W181227th JuneLiverpool07:30
W181312th JulyLiverpool08:30
W181420th JulyLiverpool07:30
W181525th JulyLiverpool07:30
W18168th AugustLiverpool07:30
W181717th AugustLiverpool07:30
W18181st SeptemberLiverpool07:30
W181915th SeptemberLiverpool07:30
W182022nd SeptemberLiverpool07:30
W182118th OctoberLiverpool08:30
W182227th OctoberLiverpool07:30
W182310th NovemberLiverpool07:30
W182412th NovemberSouthampton07:30
(World Cruise)
28th February 2019Southampton07:30
W182626th November 2018Barbados*Disembarked by 09:00
W18275th January 2019Brisbane, Australia*Disembarked by 09:00

*Note - this is for independent guests only.

If you are cruising on Brabant, please click here for embarkation and disembarkation times.

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