Arriving for your cruise

To assist you with planning travel to the port on the day of departure we provide recommended arrival/check-in times for each cruise, which can be found on your cruise ticket. If you arrive earlier than the time shown for your cruise, you are likely to experience delays in embarking. If you find you will be arriving earlier, we suggest that you take a break for a drink or snack somewhere before heading to the cruise terminal. For fly-cruise holidays, please refer to your flight tickets for details of your check-in time at the airport. 

You can find the time for your chosen cruise by locating your ship, cruise number and departure date below for the time we request you arrive from.

Balmoral 2018 - 

Cruise No.Embarkation DateEmbarkation PortArrive No Earlier Than
L180410th March Southampton12:00
L180524th MarchSouthampton12:00
L18063rd AprilSouthampton12:00
L180720th AprilSouthampton12:00
L180826th AprilNewcastle12:00
L18093rd MayNewcastle12:00
L18108th MayNewcastle12:00
L181115th MayNewcastle12:00
L181216th MayRosyth12:00
L181326th MayRosyth12:00
L181431st MayRosyth12:00
L18159th June Rosyth12:00
L181623rd JuneRosyth12:00
L181730th JuneRosyth12:00
L18187th JulyRosyth12:00
L181912th JulyRosyth12:00
L182021st JulyRosyth12:00
L182122nd July Rosyth12:00
L182229th July Newcastle12:00
L18235th AugustNewcastle12:00
L182412th AugustNewcastle12:00
L182523rd AugustNewcastle12:00
L182628th AugustNewcastle12:00
L18292nd SeptemberNewcastle12:00
L183016th SeptemberNewcastle12:00
L183125th SeptemberNewcastle12:00
L18326th OctoberNewcastle12:00
L183319th OctoberNewcastle12:00
L183429th OctoberSouthampton15:30
L183512th NovemberSouthampton12:00
L183624th NovemberSouthampton12:00
L18378th DecemberSouthampton12:00
L183813th DecemberSouthampton12:00
L183921st DecemberSouthampton12:00

Boudicca 2018 - 

Cruise No.Embarkation DateEmbarkation PortArrive No Earlier Than
D1803B1st March Santa Cruz, Tenerife14:00
D1803C8th March Malaga12:00
D180429th MarchDover12:00
D18053rd AprilDover12:00
D180613th AprilDover12:00
D180728th AprilDover12:00
D18085th MayDover12:00
D180921st MayDover12:00
D181030th MayDover12:00
D181121st JuneDover12:00
D181230th JuneDover12:00
D181313th JulyDover12:00
D181420th JulyDover12:00
D181530th JulyDover12:00
D18168th AugustDover12:00
D181724th AugustDover12:00
D181829th AugustDover12:00
D18195th SeptemberDover12:00
D182020th SeptemberAqaba, Jordan14:00
D18214th OctoberAbu Dhabi14:00
D182218th OctoberColombo, Sri Lanka14:00
D18231st NovemberMauritius14:00
D182415th NovemberMauritius14:00
D182529th NovemberMauritius14:00
D182613th DecemberMauritius14:00
D182727th DecemberMauritius14:00

Boudicca 2019 - 

Cruise No.Embarkation DateEmbarkation PortArrive No Earlier Than
D190110th January 2019Colombo, Sri Lanka14:00

Braemar 2018 - 

Cruise No.Embarkation DateEmbarkation PortArrive No Earlier Than
M180528th FebruaryBarbados14:00
M180617th MarchSouthampton12:00
M180731st MarchSouthampton12:00
M18086th AprilSouthampton12:00
M180914th AprilSouthampton12:00
M181028th AprilSouthampton12:00
M18116th MaySouthampton12:00
M181216th MaySouthampton12:00
M181324th MaySouthampton12:00
M181429th MaySouthampton12:00
M181512th JuneSouthampton12:00
M181628th JuneSouthampton12:00
M18176th JulySouthampton12:00
M181822nd JulySouthampton12:00
M18194th AugustSouthampton12:00
M182012th AugustSouthampton12:00
M182123rd AugustSouthampton12:00
M182231st AugustSouthampton12:00
M182314th SeptemberSouthampton12:00
M182428th SeptemberSouthampton12:00
M18252nd OctoberSouthampton12:00
M182625th OctoberSouthampton12:00
M18273rd NovemberSouthampton12:00
M18288th NovemberSouthampton12:00
M182915th NovemberSouthampton12:00
M18303rd DecemberSouthampton12:00
M183120th DecemberBarbados14:00

Braemar 2019 - 

Cruise No.Embarkation DateEmbarkation PortArrive No Earlier Than
M19013rd January 2019Barbados14:00

Black Watch 2018 - 

Cruise No.Embarkation DateEmbarkation PortArrive No Earlier Than
W180427th FebruarySydney14:00
W180517th MarchKuala Lumpur14:00
W180624th AprilSouthampton12:00
W180726th AprilLiverpool12:00
W18084th MayLiverpool12:00
W180918th MayLiverpool12:00
W18103rd JuneLiverpool12:00
W181111th JuneLiverpool12:00
W181218th JuneLiverpool12:00
W181327th JuneLiverpool12:00
W181412th JulyLiverpool12:00
W181520th JulyLiverpool12:00
W181625th JulyLiverpool12:00
W18178th AugustLiverpool12:00
W181817th AugustLiverpool12:00
W18191st SeptemberLiverpool12:00
W182015th September Liverpool12:00
W182122nd SeptemberLiverpool12:00
W182218th OctoberLiverpool12:00
W182327th OctoberLiverpool12:00
W182410th NovemberLiverpool12:00
W1825 & W182612th NovemberSouthampton12:00
W182726th NovemberBarbados14:00

Black Watch 2019 - 

Cruise No.Embarkation DateEmbarkation PortArrive No Earlier Than
W19015th January 2019Brisbane14:00

If you are sailing on board our river boat, Brabant, please click here to see Embarkation and Disembarkation times.

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