The Fred. Olsen Cruise


Under the sea


Snorkelling is one of the best and easiest ways to get up close to the life below the water surface. With 80% of all of Earth’s living creatures located in the seas, there’s no shortage of remarkable species to encounter. 


To the ends of the Earth


Earth is speckled with a seemingly endless array of islands, some of which are so remote that arriving by sea is the best and often only way to reach them. Closer takes a look at some of the most isolated and intriguing islands that can be reached on a Fred. Olsen cruise.


Uncovering authentic India


Martin Lister, Itinerary & Experience Development Manager, shares some of his travel experiences after a recent research trip to India.

Best for...


Discover an enticing selection of destinations, and their best-known highlights, on this island-hopping adventure.

Mysterious Easter Island


The mystifying monoliths of Easter Island - a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995 – have filled many westerners with a sense of intrigue since the arrival of Dutch navigator, Admiral Jacob Roggeveen. 


An insight into Zanzibar


Think of Zanzibar and you're automatically transported to exotic scenes of white-sand beaches and fragrant spices. Beyond the picture-postcard coastline, this relatively untouched destination presents a fascinating way oflife, a mix of cultural influences and tumultuous past. 

Top five things to see in San Francisco


From the stunning Golden Gate Bridge to the oldest Chinatown in North America, there is an abundance of things to see and do in San Francisco.


Island-hopping in the Indian Ocean


Hidden away in a corner of the world’s third largest ocean lie a number of stunning tropical island destinations. 

Nature's Little Oddities


From Senegal’s surreal pink lake, or Iceland’s 40-metre geyser, to mysterious Glowworm caves in New Zealand, Mother Nature’s magic and creativity is displayed in an endless list of breathtaking and eerie phenomena. 


The A-Z of Fred. Olsen in 2018/2019


In 2018/2019, Fred. Olsen will continue to bring world’s breathtaking, rewarding and inspirational destinations closer to you. Here's our A-Z guide of destinations for 2018/2019.

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