Using Your Mobile Phone

Staying connected on your cruise

Using your mobile on board

Please note that the following service is only applicable to guests whose mobile device is either tri or quad band. Dual band handsets do not support worldwide roaming.

Make and take calls and text messages as you please on your cruise, even if we’re in the middle of the ocean. We have an advanced satellite-based roaming network on our cruise ships - out of range for normal service providers.

Call your service provider before to ensure you have International Roaming enabled. Switch your phone on when at sea, and it will automatically register to our network. Remember to include the country code and leave the zero out when you dial. And don’t forget to check your charges with your provider - they’ll bill you as they normally would and have responsibility for all charges.

You can also connect to our on board Wifi to access internet-based services.

All your bills or personal information are secure - we don’t have any access to any of your details. Our service is provided by Wireless Maritime Service. They, and your mobile phone operator, are responsible for services, charges and customer support. So do check your charges with them.

Please note that only tri or quad-band phones (for international roaming) are compatible with the on-board cellular system. Most modern handsets can be used internationally, but it’s worth checking before you leave for your cruise.


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